In on-going Kardashian tabloid wars, Khloe Kardashian is grabbing headlines again. Not to let brother Rob Kardashian andpregnantgirlfriend Blac Chynaor naked-in-public Kim Kardashianget all the notice, Khloe bemoaned she's gaining back her 40-lb weight loss. At least that's what her caption "miss my in-shape body" on a throwback pic seemed to suggest. Was it just a ploy for attention or is she having trouble keeping weight off? For one who claims not to get on the scale she sure knows her weight pretty well. And that brings up another question about how much of her painstakingly well-documented "Revenge Body" transformation is down to plastic surgery?

Khloe Kardashian mixed messages

If you would follow Kardashians(and many Celebrities) on diet tips, best beware. Don't do as they do and only half of what they say. Khloe has bragged that she dropped a massive 40 pounds but she has also said she never weighs herself. Yet she knows to the pound how much she has lost and gained. She claims to dislike when people say she's too thin, but doth the lady protest too much? After that complaint, Khloe dropped hints that she would like to have her thinner self back and needs to "put the fork down." If she's really doing the hardbody workouts shown in the multitude of pictures, is she just posturing to get people to tell her how good she looks? A lot of young girls look up to the Kardashians and should not learn that starving themselves is healthy.

The painful truth of weight loss

What Khloe Kardashian and everyone else who has lost or wants to lose weight needs to know is that it's two steps forward, one step back. Plan on gaining back half the weight you lose when you stop dieting and all of it and more if you go back to old eating habits. Dramatic weight loss, especially that which occurs rather rapidly is almost impossible to keep off.

That's because as easy as "maintenance diet" sounds, it's very tricky to orchestrate. You eat a lot more calories than you realize when you're not counting. People who try to maintain weight loss just with exercise usually can't. Restricted calorie intake is the only way.

Diet or surgery? That's the big question

Another reason to take Kardashian diet advice with a grain of chia seed is that they are so plastic surgery happy (fake butts, boob jobs, lip implants, tummy tucks).

It's hard to know whether their bragged-about transformations are really down to what they proclaim. Khloe looked unrecognizable after losing just 40 pounds. That much weight wouldn't alter her face so drastically. A Botox doctor said that Khloe's face looked as if she'd had plastic surgery. He said the shape was changed in ways that dropping pounds alone wouldn't accomplish.