Weight isn't all Melissa McCarthy lost -- she also lost "Mike and Molly" about an obese working class couple that finds love at Overeaters Anonymous. After taking a weight loss supplement Ultra Body Garcinia recommended by TV physician Dr. Oz, McCarthy lost so much that she wasn't chubby enough to play an obese woman anymore. So CBS dropped the show, lacking McCarthy. What happened to the plus-sized comedy, also featuring Billy Gardell is anything but funny.

Skinny 'Mike and Molly' aren't funny anymore?

The point of "Mike and Molly" was obviously the pathos of two very overweight, lonely people hooking up at a 12-step weight loss program.

And part of the humor may lie in the vein of what non-fat people get from fat people. There's some body shamingof the obese and when they poke fun at themselves, so much the funnier. In Hollywood, fat people often aren't taken as seriously as skinny people. They get cast as characters who are full-figured fun. Jonah Hill for example always played the joke, the loser, the dumpy sidekick. When he got sick of being typecast and lost weight, he still had trouble getting people to take him seriously. Fans like characters in assigned roles. The cancellation of "Mike and Molly" seems to be CBS saying, sorry if you're not fat you're not funny.

What was that diet pill Melissa McCarthy used?

Its full name is garcinia cambogia and it's a fruit supplement for weight loss.

Dr. Oz touts a formula called Ultra Body Garcinia which contains this supplement. Its helped celebs like chef Paula Deen and Carrie Underwood lose weight. And that would be a good thing, right? It surely is if you are carrying around 50 to 100 extra pounds. The original controversy when garcinia first came out was did it really work?

Well, look at McCarthy and decide for yourself. She's a shell of her former size. A lot of dieters like garcinia because it's natural and plant-based. Another name for it is "monkey fruit." It's not a diet pill or drug, it's a weight loss supplement (there's a difference). There are also no side effects like nervousness and shakiness that you can get from caffeine in green tea, green coffee, or cinnamon supplements.