Alaskan Bush People star Matt Brown is keeping his fans in limbo about how he is doing with his drinking problem just like Discovery Channel is keeping the reality Television show’s fans in limbo about whether or not the show will be renewed or not.

For now, DC is airing specials or reruns on Friday nights, and judging from the network’s social media pages, the reality behind Matt as a member of theAlaskan Bush People family is that the fan-favorite cast member will most likely not return to the show.

The shift from Matt Brown to Bam Bam

Matt is not only the Brown family’s first-born son, but he is undoubtedly a true Alaskan pioneer child.

Matt was only three years old when his folks, including his parents and 1-year-old brother Joshua (Bam Bam Brown), found their home in Alaska’s Bush.

According to his father Billy, as a young boy, Matt came up with the idea of howling back at the Alaskan wolves when the family was threatened and the name Wolfpack was born.

But what happens to a wolf when he breaks away from the pack? Discovery Channel’s description of Matt Brown used to highlight him as a family member living in the Alaskan wilderness who always had something to say. Viewers, like the network, loved Matt.

However, when Matt put his own needs in front of the needs of DC and his Alaskan bush family, he turned into a lone wolf.

With Matt gone, the network is pushing the next in line, Bam Bam to Alaskan Bush People viewers.

Matt Brown reflects the reality behind reality television

As the Alaska Dispatch News reports, the last special aired by Discovery Channel revealed that not only is Matt Brown missing from the reality show but so are about 8,000 hours of unseen footage.

During the most recent special, the narrator informs viewers that about 2,000 hours of footage of the reality Television show are filmed each season, but that only a small fraction actually makes it on Television.

Over the course of five seasons, that certainly includes a lot of footage that, just like Matt Brown’s real life, would be quite interesting to fans of Alaskan Bush People.