One of the newest shows on NBC is the sitcom "Superstore." Season one went so well with the initial 11 episodes that a season two has been ordered. Fans should expect season two to air this upcoming August and it will coincide with the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. While the show has many colorful and eccentric characters, Amy and Jonah, employees of the fictional big box store Cloud 9, are squarely the center of focus. Superstore debuted November30,2015 and had 7.21 million viewers for the episode, "Pilot."

Amy and Jonah get off to a bad start

Things get complicated right away when the newly hired Jonah, portrayed by Ben Feldman, mistakes Amy,America Ferrera, for a customer and sort of talks down to her.

He means well, but Jonah has a problem with words slipping out of his mouth in a way that makes him sound a bit stuck up, and other times he just has a broken filter. Jonah is prone to mistakes that have a snowball effect and it often provides the comedic linchpin to any given episode. Amy is somewhat forgiving to Jonah for his misspoken words and immediately shows him that she's got some level of power over him in the organization. That trade-off of experience versus education becomes a key component of their relationship for season one.

Jonah and Amy's relationship grows

As the season goes on, Amy and Jonah get to know each other. While Jonah appears to be schooled and educated, and has a bit of an arrogant attitude about it, Amy had to give up her dreams of a higher education early on and is just now secretly returning to college to further herself and career potentials.

There's a bit of a romantic element teased between the two, despite eventually learning that Amy is married with kids. Amy's marriage, however, may not be everything she's hoped for. Her husband is a grilling enthusiast and when Jonah meets him for the first time he doesn't know he's Amy's husband. Jonah sells him a grill at Cloud 9 that neither he or Amy can afford.

The comedic aspect of the skit is because Amy had previously told Jonah to sell people as much merchandise as possible, even if they don't need the product. She had no idea her advice would backfire so badly. Later in the season, when Amy confesses to Jonah she is going back to school, the two bond over their shared disdain at their occupation and current status in life.

Jonah, it ends up, is in debt and flunked out of business school in Chicago.

Everything falls apart

Glenn Sturgis, portrayed by Mark McKinney, is the manager at Cloud 9 and his second in command at the store for the majority of season one is Dina, portrayed by Lauren Ash. Glenn is persistent in his positive attitude and secretly disdains the Cloud 9 management for ruining his family's former business, a hardware store. Dina is an interesting character who loves her birds and has a secret love interest for Jonah right from the start of the show. Dina demotes herself late in the season so she can date Jonah and not run afoul of the employee code of conduct, but after he turns her down she is remorseful about leaving her position of power.

Glenn eventually gets fired for suspending his pregnant employee Cheyenne so she can get six weeks paid time off with her child. When everyone walks out in protest of Glenn being fired, corporate fires everyone and Dina makes the power grab in their absence. The final scene of season one shows all the employees in the parking lot and Dina making an announcement that she's the new store manager. Season two will pick up where we left off and it will be interesting to see how, or if, the Cloud 9 employees return to duty. One thing is for sure, Dina has become of the enemy of the employees.