This week on an all new "American Pickers" season 15 counts forward with an episode titled, "Tick Tock Pick." Mike and Frank are still rolling through Texas this week and visit a massive ranch owned by Cecil and David, where they find a VW bus that Mike just has to acquire. The guys also visit East Texas near Arkansas on a lead from Danielle where a woman named Leann and her partner Martha are renovating an 1880 farm property they own with the possessions of her father and grandfather, including some clocks. Mike reminds Frank of how he earned the nickname "Tick Tock" during high school because of his obsession with time and clock collecting.

Emily calls about a barbershop pole

When Emily from the Nashville shop calls the guys about a barbershop pole, she inquires about the price and they ask if Danielle is around so they can talk to her. Emily explains that Danielle is not around, but she can leave a message for her. The guys inform Emily that the price for the pole is $3,000 and she now has a price for a potential buyer. The guys are left to wonder if Danielle is working enough at the shop but she's been feeding them amazing leads so they give her a pass.

The 1965 hunting lodgeVolkswagen bus

When Mike and Frank find the 1965 VW bus that was customized to hunt coyotes on a farm many years ago, they haggle over the price and Mike gives the owner $2,500 as his first offer.

There's a counter offer of $3,000 and Mike quickly offers $2,600 as a counter. The seller counters with $2,750 and they finally settle on $2,700 for the Volkswagen. Mike estimates it will cost him $1,000 to ship it back home where he plans of repairing and restoring it, including a rebuild of the engine, new tires, new electrical work and the replacement of some of the glass, including the cracked windshield.

Frank scores a grandfather clock

At Leann's farm, a French made Briant grandfather clock that's been a family heirloom catches Frank's attention. The clock needs repair, but it's all original, which is an excellent selling point. The asking price is $1,250 and Frank counters with $650, knowing it needs a lot of work before he can resell it. The seller counters with $700, knowing that Frank needs to get it repaired and get it back home, and the deal is made. Mike said it was good to see "Tick Tock" back in action.