Spoiler Alert! This recap contains spoilers which will cause you to have a bad day if you haven’t yet seen "No Way Out." Proceed with caution because the entire episode of "The Walking Dead" will be discussed in detail below. You have been warned. Needless to say, it was a violent and bloody Valentine's Day in the Alexandria Safe-Zone and absolutely packed with action. Going into the episode fans were tense knowing that walkers had overrun Alexandria. This forced Rick and everyone else of importance to flee into Jessie's house, which was soon taken over by zombies.

Daryl saves the day

The first few minutes of the episode are explosive when Daryl literally blows Negan's motorcycle gang to bits with the rocket launcher that Abraham found while scavenging the city. It was the perfect way for the scenario to end, even if it was a bit predictable. Abraham and Sasha come out of the incident unscathed, but Daryl has a nasty gash in his back from one of the motorcycle gang members. They pack up and head back to Alexandria, unaware of what is happening back home.

Rick and the group make new plans

While covered in walker blood and guts, the group forms a plan to go get vehicles while Gabriel takes Judith to his church. They all hold hands again and walk to their destination, but Sam seems like a liability.

Tara and Rosita meanwhile argue over what to do next regarding the Alpha Wolf who had Denise hostage. Morgan wakes up from being knocked out to find Carol and the group hovering over him. Tensions are high everywhere as Glenn and Enid make an appearance by ducking into a church. They argue a bit about what to do next, find a gun at the altar and ultimately Glenn accepts Enid is going to help him whether he likes it or not.

The Alpha Wolf tries to escape with Denise, but he finds himself without a clear escape route and his captive is hesitant to come with him.

Sam almost gets everyone killed

When Sam sees a walker around his age he hears Carol's voice in his head talking about the monsters. He freaks out and is bitten and devoured by zombies. Moments later, his mother Jessie is also bitten and eaten while refusing to let go of Carl's hand.

Rick is left with no choice but to hack off Jessie's hand with his axe to save his son. Ron can't believe what has just happened and he raises his gun to shoot Rick or Carl when Michonne stabs him through the back and chest, killing him. A single shot is fired from Ron's gun and hits Carl in the eye. Rick scoops up his injured son and runs off with Michonne.

Carol and Morgan have words, the Alpha Wolf dies

Carol tells Morgan that she should have killed him and it's hard not to agree with her. Morgan simply walks away, taunting Carol that she can't kill him. When Denise and the Alpha Wolf try to escape, the Wolf is bit by a walker and eventually shot by Carol who has stepped outside to check things out.

Denise runs to the infirmary and is safe but doesn't have a chance to catch her breath before Rick carries Carl in to be saved. Rick flies into a blind rage and walks out the door with his axe, leaving Denise and the others to care for his son.

Rick has some hard choices ahead

Once again Rick and the group have been thrown into an unknown future. An epic battle occurs with all of Alexandria in the streets killing walkers. It's no exaggeration to say that it seems like thousands of zombies roam freely, but the group slices through them like butter. Glenn and Enid make an appearance and save Maggie, but once again Glenn nearly dies from the hoard until Abraham and Sasha use automatic weapons to save him.

As the battle rages on, Daryl unloads the gas from his truck into the pond and uses a rocket to set it on fire. The Walkers gravitate to the flames and the scene the next morning is utter chaos with dead zombies everywhere. While talking to an unconscious Carl, Rick vows to expand the walls and carry on. Carl survives, but Rick is forever changed, once again, by tragedy.