Comedian Chris Rock gave everyone an Oscars teaser of his hosting style in a 15 second clip to introduce himself as this year’s host. Here’s hoping the Oscars Academy Awards program turns out just like Rock’s Oscars teaser, short, funny, and to the point.Rock (50) is scheduled to host the awards show for the second time. The show will air live on February 28th at 7 PM EST on ABC. In his Oscars teaser, Rock compared the awards show to New Year’s Eve, saying it was all full of drunk and disappointed people who swear they will do better next year.

Rock’s Oscar teaser shared on social media

Rock shared the 15-second video on his Twitter feed Sunday, and said that there would always be at least three constants: death, taxes, and the Oscars. Rock was announced as being this year’s Oscar host last January, and has previously hosted the Academy Awards program back in 2005.The Oscars promo was meant to both introduce this year’s host, as well as to encourage viewers to tune in to ABC to watch the program on February 28th. The Academy Awards is Hollywood’s biggest night of the year, so anticipation is already building for this year’s program.

2016 Oscars want to be more entertaining, with fresh new look

Rock was chosen, no doubt, to draw more interest to the annual Academy Awards show, which was hosted last year by Neil Patrick Harris.

The Oscars last year got its lowest ratingsin the last six years. The 2016 show will be produced by both David Hill and Reginald Hudlin.The two have stated that their goal is to give the yearly awards show a new, fresher feeling, and to meet the challenge of making it more entertaining, and getting the audience to care for the people that go on stage.

Rock also an advocate for women’s salary in Hollywood

Rock is an advocate for women’s salary in show business, which is a topic that has come up as of late, with reports that they often get paid less than their male counterparts. An article in the New Yorker magazine quoted Rock as saying that black women have the hardest job in show business.

As this year’s host, Rock has given viewers a 15-second Oscars teaser, be sure to tune in February 28th on ABC.