Billboard has picked Lady Gaga as their Woman of the Year for 2015. She is also going to be the central point for the initial national telecast of Billboard magazine’s yearly "Women in Music," announcing the most powerful 50 women executives in the music business. Gaga will be presented with the WOY award on December 11 in New York, and the show is scheduled to be seen on Lifetime network on December 18.

Gaga chosen for her accomplishments, humanitarian efforts

Lady Gaga was chosen as Woman of the Year for 2015 due to things like her fantastic performance during the Oscars, as well as when she shared the headlines during a tour with popular 50s singer Tony Bennett.

She is also known for her humanitarian endeavors helping to empower youth. In addition, she is scheduled to have a leading role in the upcoming season of the American Horror Story scheduled to premiere October 7 on the FX television network.

Throughout her career, Lada Gaga has been involved with several kinds of music and other entertainment forms such as pop music, like her last album in 2013 entitled “Artpop.” She also released an album in 2014 singing with Tony Bennett. The Tony Bennet album went to number one on the pop music charts and had popular 50s songs like “Anything Goes,” as well as “I Can’t Give You Anything But Love,” and hit song, “It Don’t Mean a Thing (If it Ain’t Got That Swing).

There have also been many other Billboard top hits by Gaga that showed up on their Hot 100 chart for singles. Two of them include “Poker Face” and “Just Dance.” Each of those songs also went to number one on the singles’ charts.

Woman of the Year Award honors recognize strength, courage and fortitude

The television showing of the ceremony to present Lady Gaga with her WOY award is being done via a partnership with Lifetime television and Billboard magazine.

Lifetime’s executive vice president and head of programming Liz Gateley called Lady Gaga “extraordinary” and told reporters that she embodied “strength, courage and fortitude.”

Some of the other women who have been honored with the Billboard WOY award include Taylor Swift (who got the award in 2014), as well as Katy Perry, Beyoncé and Pink. Be sure to watch Lada Gaga when she is presented with the 2015 Woman of the Year award on Lifetime network on December 18.