It seems that the Nebraska Huskers will be recalibrating its offensive strategy. This could be the reason why the University of Nebraska brought on a lot of receivers in its 2020 class. With Marcus Fleming and Omar Manning coming in, it is obvious that the team will focus a lot of its energy on improving its 2020 offense. The new members will help build on their offensive strategy in next year’s games, along with JD Spielman, Darien Chase, and other team players.

Huskers' signings for 2020

The Huskers just did a large batch of early signings for 2020.

It especially has a good lineup for its receiver corp. Even head coach Scott Frost admitted that the Cornhuskers had a weak receiver corps when he came in. When he became head coach in 2017, he said the team only had four receivers. That had a lot of impact on the team’s results, reflected in the discouraging 2018 and 2019 finishes.

The team predicted to finish first in the pre-season polling for the West Division, ended up having a 5-7 (3-6 in Big Ten) record for the 2019 season. That put them on a tie for the fifth-place ranking in the division. This means that the Huskers retained its 2018 finish, despite an improvement from its 4-8 (3-6 in Big Ten) tally last year.

Other 2020 class recruits

The Huskers may have a lot of receivers now, but the other recruits are also expected to shine. Among the players to look out for is Jordon Riley. The transferee used to be part of the North Carolina Tar Heels. He is one of the more versatile players in the team, having had experience in multiple positions.

He will be serving as a defensive lineman for the Huskers next year.

Tamon Lynum, meanwhile, will be coming in as a cornerback for the team. A native of Orlando, Florida, he made a verbal commit to the Cornhuskers back in June. That was a few days after he made a visit to the University of Nevada-Lincoln campus. As a high school footballer, he had a prolific career as a defensive back for his high school.

The Big Ten conference favorites

The Huskers may have a powerful 2020 class, but the other teams are also set to perform well next year. It is an uphill battle for Nebraska, which is not on the radar of many football experts. The Big Ten conference favorites are still the Ohio State Buckeyes, the Wisconsin Badgers, and the Minnesota Golden Gophers. These teams topped their respective divisions. It was Ohio State and Wisconsin that met at the championship game match. Ohio State eventually won the 2019 championship. If the Buckeyes win next year, it will be their fourth straight Big Ten championship trophy. Let us know what you think about the whole scenario, put your comments in the comment section. Stay tuned for more updates on Nebraska Huskers.