The Nebraska football team finally found a way to get more of its receivers involved in the offense against Northern Illinois. The struggles the team has had in that regard underlines just how important it is to have quite a bit of depth at the position. That depth also needs to be quite talented.

The team appears set this year, with JD Spielman and Kanawai Noa, et al. Next season, Spielman should return but the Huskers are going to be looking to reload at the position.

Now it appears there's at least a chance a former recruiting target could be the answer.

USC receiver Devon Williams has entered the transfer portal, making him a potential free agent.

Williams was one of the best receivers in the 2018 class and Nebraska had gone after him. The question now is whether or not the receiver might decide he wants to go somewhere outside his home state.

If he does want to get away from the Pac 12, there are worse places to land than Lincoln.

Nebraska football could feel familiar

To be clear, if the Huskers are going to go get Williams, they will likely have an uphill battle. When Williams picked USC a few years back, he did so over schools like Oregon, Alabama, and UCLA. The question, of course, is whether or not any of those schools would come calling once again.

Nebraska football might have a leg up here just because they have the room to take a flier on a receiver that hasn't really lived up to his hype just yet. Considering the Cornhuskers did recruit him back in the day, Lincoln might look a bit like home. On the flipside, it was Mike Riley's staff that started recruiting Devon Williams the first time around.

Scott Frost and company would need to build new relationships, should they decide they want to try and pull Williams to Nebraska. This staff has the benefit of being pretty good at going out and getting transfer players they set their sights on.

It's possible the addition of Kanawai Noa last offseason could be a boon for them should they decide Devon Williams is worth targeting again.

Williams underachieving at USC

It's never entirely clear why a player that was considered one of the best players in the state doesn't put up the kind of numbers fans expect right away. He was considered the 40th best player in the entire 2018 class.

He was also considered the sixth-best receiver and the sixth-best player in the state of California. His numbers since he arrived at USC certainly haven't born that out.

In 2018, his freshman year, he appeared in just four games. In those games, he caught four passes for 87 yards and a touchdown. So far this season, he's had a minimal impact, catching just one pass for 11 yards. It's hard to know whether Williams is a bust, or not getting a fair shake at USC. Either way, he might be worth a look from the Nebraska football coaching staff.