At one time, first baseman and future Hall of Famer Miguel Cabrera was one of the best hitters in the league. As a Tiger from 2010-2016, he made seven consecutive All-Star games, earned two MVP awards, several batting titles and a Triple Crown.

Over the last two seasons, Cabrera entered a slump and struggled in 2017, fighting injuries and hitting a low .249, with 16 runs and 60 RBI over 130 games. Cabrera's season last year was cut short because of a biceps injury, forcing him to play only 38 games. Last season he managed to hit .299, three runs and 22 RBI over 157 at bats.

Miguel Cabrera needs to fill the hole at the DH position

The Detroit Free Press has suggested that Miguel Cabrera become Detroit's full-time designated hitter. The retirement of Victor Martinez created a hole in the DH spot, that Detroit still needs to fill. Cabrera becoming the DH could be the best way for the Tigers to get the most out of him for the rest of his contract, which is $154 million through 2023.

Detroit Free Press previously confirmed that GM Al Avila and manager Ron Gardenhire have already met with Cabrera and discussed DHing more often. Cabrera appears to be okay with that idea. However, there are a few obstacles that must be overcome, if Cabrera is to become the full-time designated hitter.

There are a few obstacles keeping Cabrera from becoming a permanent DH

The Tigers currently have two players at first base, but the Tigers may need to move them to other positions. John Hicks is set to become the Tigers' backup catcher and Niko Goodrum is expected to become the team's second baseman.

If they do want Cabrera to be the permanent DH, they could consider drawing from the free agency market. They may look into former Tampa Bay Rays' Logan Morrison, who only two years ago recorded 38 homeruns.

Detroit's 97.1 has said that the Tigers were checking out Adrian Gonzalez, but he has been plagued with injuries, so he would be a serious gamble.

However, Cabrera has not produced well in the DH spot as he has in other position. He has only hit .268 over 97 games as DH. If he isn't Detroit Tigers' permanent DH this coming season, he is expected to be eventually.

It will be interesting to see how he performs as a permanent DH and whether his numbers will bounce back. Detroit and Miguel Cabrera need to come to an agreement over what is best for the team.

Tigers also need to face the reality that Cabrera is getting old and has been able to hide his injuries and play through those injuries. Cabrera often plays through the pain, stays on the field and limp around the bases, each and every game day.