President Donald Trump wants funds for the Mexico border wall but congressional Democrats are not willing to release funds. This has resulted in the longest ever government Shutdown that has stretched towards the fifth week. As a result, nearly 35,000 FBI employees did not get their salaries. They included administrative and support staff. Therefore, FBI field offices decided to open food banks in order to extend help to those who have to endure the horrors of living without pay.

CNN reports the FBI has already set up food banks and plans to set up some more in certain locations where willing employees can leave non-perishable food items that other employees can collect.

This is a humanitarian need during the government shutdown and such mutual help will boost the morale of the less fortunate ones. As a spokeswoman for the Dallas FBI field office says, "We're all in this together and we're banding together to help each other out in any way we can."

The government shutdown must end

US Congress must realize that the government shutdown has paralyzed the country and they must find a solution. Many FBI employees have to search for some alternate employment. They will have to overcome limitations regarding the nature of work they can do without violating the rules and will have to cope with limited options.

In the absence of any clear-cut way ahead, the shutdown is affecting FBI investigations due to the shortage of funds. Informants are important and they have to be paid and the effect of lack of funds will be felt in sensitive areas like drug trafficking. This is the opinion of Tom O'Connor, the president of the FBI Agents Association.

However, in spite of the hardships due to the longest government shutdown, FBI special agents working without pay have not abandoned their law enforcement activities.

They arrested a 21-year-old man who planned to attack the White House and other DC monuments.

FBI must have access to funds

According to Fortune, the government shutdown has furloughed nearly 800,000 federal workers and many of them have no other alternative but to rely on the generosity of others to survive the ongoing crisis. The New York FBI has created a food bank to help each other obtain food for their families. The FBI Agents Association has petitioned politicians including President Donald Trump to ensure availability of funds for the DOJ and FBI immediately so that continuity of work is not disturbed. FBI has to take care of VIPs and there cannot be any slip-up. Cybersecurity experts are also concerned. They feel the shutdown will encourage hackers and other nefarious actors to have a field day.