Jeff Sessions recently got fired by President Donald Trump, and the mainstream media pointed out this was nothing more than a well-planned move to divert attention from what happened in the midterm elections. The ironic detail was that the most powerful outlets made this point while focusing entirely on the controversial firing. Of course, this situation is quite beneficial for them considering that their midterm elections’ predictions failed. After all, while Republicans lost the Congress, they now have more power in the Senate and the Democrats didn’t achieve the highly-expected blue tsunami in the House.

Thought it is a fact that Jeff Sessions’ firing is an extremely controversial move, there’s a possible calculus behind this action that no one is taking into consideration. We’re talking about Donald Trump’s 2020 re-election, a massive goal that could be achieved by a domino effect that starts by changing the Attorney General. It could be a political move that will make everyone remember these last two year as a peaceful Shangri La in comparison to what’s coming.

Jeff Session and the Mueller investigation

Logically, almost every single news outlet interpreted Jeff Sessions’ firing as a clear attempt from the president to end the Robert Mueller’s investigation. Whether it is Matthew Whitaker or even Chris Christie as the official replacement, Trump will now have the chance to end what he always referred to as a “witch hunt.” Believe it or not, this bold move could be just the beginning.

Considering the results of the midterm elections, Trump could kill or at least control the Mueller investigation knowing that the new Congress will make him suffer for that. In fact, all he needs is House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to satisfy the Democrats’ radical base’s wishes to impeach him. This is a chaotic scenario that seems quite possible even when she publicly disagreed with this action.

After all, she’s not exactly the most popular figure among the Democrats right now and she knows that in such a polarized moment she won’t survive if she doesn’t give the base what it wants.

Jeff Sessions’ scandal represents a win-win situation for Trump

Getting to this point, a hypothetical impeachment against the president will easily backfire considering that the Senate will protect him.

This way, he will come out as a victim and the Democrats will suffer a political defeat that will heavily affect its base and energize Republicans. Eventually, Trump could even double down on the incendiary rhetoric and claim that this was nothing more than a failed coup against him. Of course, this message will resonate among his supporters and even some independent voters.

The reason why a significant part of this last group could get easily persuaded by this narrative is because of the cornerstone of this strategy and even Jeff Sessions’ firing. In short, we’re talking about the unpopularity of Robert Mueller’s investigation, an unquestionable reality that even the polls of CNN have proved.

This particular situation will make a lot of people reject the hypothetical impeachment process that Trump will survive thanks to the Senate.

While many people have protested Jeff Sessions’ firing over the last few hours, the truth is that this is a controversial win-win situation for Trump. After all, even if the Democrats don’t impeach him, he would have eliminated, manipulated, or at least controlled the Mueller investigation without suffering a major backlash. On the other hand, the Democratic Party will suffer an internal crisis since the most radical faction will try to overthrown Pelosi and the so-called establishment Democrats for failing to provide an aggressive response to the president's actions.

Undoubtedly, Trump could create a constitutional crisis and will definitely polarize the country even more. Nevertheless, he has repeatedly shown a daunting willingness to get his hands dirty in order to achieve a major goal.