Brett Kavanaugh was nothing more than a pretty boring nominee for the Supreme Court before Dianne Feinstein decided to use Christine Ford’s accusations as a political tool. Believe it or not, some of the most repeated critics against him were the sonority of his first name and the fact that he’s a Catholic. Naturally, these senseless attacks only confirmed that the Democratic Party was willing to stand against every single thing related to President Donald Trump no matter what.

However, since the unproven accusations against Brett Kavanaugh became public, the Democratic Party weaponized the #MeToo movement.

In fact, they did it in such a disgusting way that it seems astonishing that none of its members have come out to condemn the weaponization of the historic movement. Of course, this situation has done nothing more than rais questions about its goals and real intentions.

The use of Brett Kavanaugh’s case

Over the last few days, the Democratic Party and some of the most important outlets of the mainstream media have incentivized this group by reporting the Brett Kavanaugh’s controversy in an extremely biased way. Of course, the movement responded with powerful demonstrations and aggressive actions that were quite synchronized and very well organized. And yes, these include the bizarre presence of Alyssa Milano in Ford’s Senate hearing.

Just as any movement, the #MeToo is backed by different outside groups that are supporting it in different ways because of its huge significance in the women’s rights debate. Naturally, the thing about these outside groups is that their endgame is always to control the movement and use its muscle for political purposes. Of course, that has always been something common in the US political landscape, both left and right.

The future of the #MeToo movement

However, the strange detail about #MeToo is not only that it was always anti-Trump but also the fact that it showed its claws against the Democratic Party despite its deep connections with some of the most horrendous figures that sparked everything. Naturally, the main one was Harvey Weinstein, who in addition to being a powerful producer was literally the most important Democratic donor in Hollywood.

To make this point clear, just imagine what would happen if he was associated with the Republicans. Also, just think about the absolute and complete lack of outrage regarding the horrible domestic abuse accusations against Keith Ellison.

Lamentably, what seemed to be an important movement founded upon the virtuous idea of speaking up, has now been weaponized and utilized to push a political agenda. What seems even worse, is that far from feeling uncomfortable with this reality, the members of #MeToo seem to be fully aware of that. Basically, they have no problem with being a militant faction of the Democrats every time this party needs it.

With the unfavorable outcome of Brett Kavanaugh’s case, it remains unclear what will happen with this movement in the future.

Unfortunately, it is quite possible that its disgraceful relationship with the Democratic Party will get deeper and more notorious than ever. This way, it seems obvious that the future of this movement is connected with the party’s performance during the Trump administration.