With President Trump's family separation policy now in full effect, media reports citing the ongoing hardships that migrant children face daily, a problem and its potential ramifications for the future that has sparked a heavy backlash of public criticism on social media, where a large Twitter uprising has come out to express their frustrations stemming from this pressing issue being fronted by #Metoo activist Alyssa Milano.

The actress wisely uses her platform to engage with those like herself who egregiously oppose the mandate this policy enforces, with the reality that thousands of migrant children are forced to endure both in the separation from their loved ones, and having to live in a government tent city without immediate access to educational or legal services.

Children held in detention

Milano who in recently addressing the testimony of Christine Blasey Ford, as she relays the traumatizing account of her sexual assault experience at the hands of Brett Kavanaugh, also pools its connection to the sexual and physical that many migrant children are presently facing in Texas detention facilities, and unjustly so, this inexplicably the result of Trump's decision to enforce a dubious policy that neither serves a beneficial purpose in protecting our country's borders, only does it serve to hinder the basic democratic principles upon which it is founded under.

The Outlook

The question in both the legitimacy and safety practices of agencies such as one detention center in Tornillo Texas, have been greatly compounded by reports cited in the Guardian claiming incidences of children detainee's being treated harshly, while forced to endure hunger, verbal and physical abuse, sleep deprivation, all at the hands of the federal immigration officials.

But the crusading efforts of #Metoo activist Alyssa Milano is strong evidence which supports the reason for this problem being one that encompasses everyone even those who stand on the far brink of it, because believing this to be so will better prepare us for the impact that policies such this will one have on our lives, with the prospect of a future on the horizon that is both bleak and uncertain because it is Trump who blindly sits at the wheel, veering the country off its course, and into a very dangerous path, one we may not be able to turn back from.

The significance this issue holds

Milano's adamantly admits to having attended the hearing in an effort to "stand in solidarity with all men and women who have been victims of crazy abuses of sexual power," according to the Huffington Post.

Ford's admission, along with those who share Milano's beliefs, compound the scrutiny that Kavanaugh's Supreme Court nomination has already put him under, with many also questioning Trump's endorsement for Kavanaugh's appointment to the supreme court seat.

The actress Milano continues through social media to broadcast her message loudly, shedding light upon this matter in a tweet, also revealing a video of undocumented children being transported to a tent city in the night.

But the lives of these children is strong enough reason to make us want to closely evaluate the policies that are enforced by our government and the elected officials who in turn allow them to infringe upon the freedom and personal liberties of children whose lives are severely compromised by this, which will in effect leave an indelible mark on the country in the years to follow.