Armando Colunga, a tow truck driver in San Antonio, is a good Samaritan. He came to know about 54 illegal immigrants who had been apprehended in a tractor-trailer. The local TV news showed the group and they appeared to be hungry. Armando lost no time in going to the spot where he came to know that they had been given only water. He then bought pizzas for them from a nearby Little Caesars location. According to Daily Mail UK, he had fears that officials might object to him giving them the food but that did not happen. The people had been traveling in a refrigerated 18-wheeler and their condition evoked pity.

The pizzas brought them some happiness. Armando Colunga explained that his acts were not to grab attention.

It was the good Samaritan’s act of kindness

The group of illegal immigrants that ended up in San Antonio consisted of men, women, and children, and they were human beings in need of help. They were not criminals and had entered the country in search of a better life. They wanted to work and Armando felt that he should do his part for these unfortunate persons. The distribution of pizzas was his way of showing that he cared. The driver of the vehicle in which they were traveling has been arrested. Homeland Security has confirmed that the agency is investigating and the San Antonio Fire Department has said that the people appeared to be in good health because the truck was air-conditioned and had the provision of water.

They did not suffer from dehydration.

The world needs more good Samaritans

CNN adds that Armando Colunga, the good Samaritan of San Antonio, was disturbed by what he saw on a news channel. A group of men, believed to be illegal immigrants, were sitting on the ground, while they waited for the authorities to take further action.

He decided to extend a helping hand and bought some pizzas from a nearby outlet for the hungry lot. He knew that the number of pizzas was insufficient, but consoled himself with the fact that they would have at least something to eat. Incidentally, Colunga is of Mexican descent. He has his sympathies for illegal immigrants who try to gain entry into the United States.

He is not worried about where they come from but wants to extend humanitarian assistance wherever possible.

Those who enter the US without authority usually do so out of compulsion. They probably want to escape from an environment of violence and feel America might offer better living conditions. Hence, they keep coming and will resort to any means to get across the border. Already, there is the US-Mexico border wall to check such trends, but there are gaps. Illegal immigrants take advantage of these and there are plans to strengthen the wall to ensure total control.