Whether intentionally or unintentionally, Americans have been slapped in the face with lie after lie from the POTUS and his administration. On Wednesday (May 2) Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s new personal lawyer, went on FOX News and told the nation that Trump lied about knowing anything about the payment to adult film actress Stormy Daniels/Stephanie Clifford.

Mayor Giuliani told Hannity, the FOX host, that Trump re-paid Michael Cohen, his former personal lawyer, and fixer, the hush money paid to Stormy. Rudy’s statements, contrary to Cohen and Trump’s previous statements, have now opened the POTUS up to extreme scrutiny, legal implications, and political homicide.

Not to mention, buried poor Cohen and destroyed any chance of the fixer getting out from under the Stormy Daniels lawsuit unscathed.

I will not go down

In efforts to save himself, after Rudy’s shocking admissions on FOX News, Trump publicly threw Rudy under a moving bus, saying the former mayor is new to the team and is just “learning the subject matter.” Donald went on to say there was some "misinformation" and that Rudy needed to “get his facts straight” first and promised Giuliani would make a statement later. All of this is contrary to Trump’s tweets confirming Giuliani’s statements in the interview.

Giuliani’s statement

Rudy followed through on the president’s promise and released a public statement saying his intent was to “clarify” his “views” recently expressed in the FOX News' interview.

An interview, according to CNN sources, that Trump's legal team called a "s*** show."

Rudy began with the central question about the infamous $130,000 payment. and attempted to reiterate what he’d previously told America about there not being any campaign violations. He emphasized that the payment made by Michael Cohen was to resolve a problem and protect Trump and his family from the false allegations.

He even tried to justify and rationalize the payment saying the Daniels' situation was of a personal nature, and the agreement would've been made even if Trump wasn’t running for office. This was clearly an attempt to distance the funds from being tied to the 2016 campaign and election. Giuliani also addressed the issue of timing, saying his comments about the timeline of the payment was not that of Trump but his own understanding of how the Stormy Daniels' dilemma unfolded.

And lastly, he tried to clean up the reason, why the FBI director, James Comey was fired by simply stating it was well within the powers of the president. This was to deflect any possibility of the firing looking like an obstruction of justice.

None of this helped

Rudy doing two FOX interviews and then releasing a statement does not help him, Trump, or Cohen. In fact, it has stained any and all credibility any of them had, especially Giuliani and Trump. This is because they have already confirmed to America, as reported by FOX, the Wall Street Journal, and CNN, that the two met before and after Giuliani's interview. In fact, after the interview, Trump tweeted out confirming statements underscoring what Rudy said publicly.

Undoubtedly many Trump supporters, are feeling duped and lied to—something a majority of America already knew. And now, America’s Mayor has to double down and walk back his statements because it did not play out the way he and Donald planned?

This may be the primary reason why the president ran Rudy over with a bus seeing that the truth did not sit well with the Trumpians. FOX News anchor Cavuto made sure of that. The news anchor spoke on air directly to the POTUS via the news camera and told Trump that he is "the swamp."

Should America hire Trump’s Fredo, Michael Cohen, to pay Giuliani and Trump hush money? Because the more Rudy and his buddy Donald continue to talk, they dig themselves deeper into a hole. It is a hole that neither of them will be able to climb out.