The NRA-ILA Leadership Forum was held on Friday (May 4) in Dallas, and one of their guest speakers happened to be the POTUS. The last time Trump spoke to the National Rifle Association was at the 2018 CPAC earlier this year.

Let the games begin

There he stood, before an eager audience of gun lovers who gave a standing ovation welcoming the president to the podium. With a wide grin, Trump told convention-goers they had “a true friend and champion” in the White House. He promised he would come through for the NRA and that he would never allow the infringement on the rights of the people to bear arms.

Some have been skeptical of this considering that just two weeks after the Parkland massacre school shooting, on February 28, Trump boldly proclaimed top White House officials to be ”petrified” of the NRA and unlike them, the NRA had no control over him. This was in a televised meeting on gun control issues for all the world to see. And we saw it.

It should also be noted, that around the same time President Trump said he would call for a ban on all bump stocks, an attachment that can produce rapid-fire action for regular long guns. He also said he would consider raising the age limit for purchasing certain weapons. Since Trump made those public comments, there's been no real action taken at the federal level on any of the proposed ideas.

The NRA was not keen on any of these proposals anyway and made it known to Trump in a meeting with two avid Trump supporters--a top NRA official and a lobbyist reported CNN. Perhaps this is why the gun control discussion has lost a bit of momentum at the White House. This may also be the reason why there were so many kind words in Donald's opening remarks on Friday.

A way to sooth the nerves of his constituents and regain their trust.

For extra measure he added in immigration rhetoric, lumping in immigrants and gang members into one group. He also reassured members their 2nd Amendment rights that are "under siege" would be protected as long as he was in office. The crowd went wild with chants and cheers to show their support for Trump.

Then came the syrupy sentiments of gratitude.

Thank you, thank you

Trump gave thanks to the usual people like Wayne LaPierre the head of the NRA, congressional senators like Ted Cruz and other NRA affiliated political figures. But the two people the audience might've least expected Trump to acknowledge were devoted Trumpians Diamond and Silk. These are two controversial Black women who have sent Youtube and the social media world into a tailspin.

And to be clear, these are also the same two women who lied about Trump paying them to attend his rallies. This was publicly brought to light when the two appeared for a congressional hearing and documents were presented to them by Rep. Jeffries (D).

Feeling he had the crowd's attention, Trump beefed up his off-script commentary and offered congratulatory remarks to himself about minority unemployment, specifically Blacks.

All of this while name-dropping his controversial rapper-friend, Kanye. Trump praised Kanye saying he "must have some power” as he credited Kanye for doubling his poll numbers, among Blacks from 11% to 22% in one week. To this end, he thanked Kanye. It didn't matter that he was advised by staff not to use the data because the poll was an outlier and obscure at best, according to CNN sources.

'Fake News' is now true?

What's a Trump speech without Russia? At one point, the president found himself in a passionate stance about the investigation which he called a "witch hunt." And to illustrate his point, held up a few sheets of paper and pointed to a CNN story about the conservative federal judge who told the prosecutors in the Manafort case, that they were just out to "hurt Trump." A brief hush fell over the room.

Perhaps it was a sign of vindication? Or shock at the president's validation of 'fake CNN?'

Trump finished the excerpt by quoting and summarizing that the judge wondered if Mueller's investigation had overreached by charging Trump's former campaign manager with multiple counts of bank fraud. Grinning, Trump praised the judge whom he said was a "really special person." And, like the obscure poll's validity, it didn't seem to matter. It didn't matter that the article came from the news network that he and his followers loathe and hate, theTrumpians were ecstatic. This was evidenced by the hoots-and-hollers and chants-and-cheers that followed the reading.

The Washington Post, like the rest of America, was stunned that Trump would cite the reporting of one of his one of his nemesis, They were so incredulous, they wrote an editorial piece on it as they were certain pigs had sprouted wings, and the very hot place had frozen over.

So does this mean fake news isn't fake anymore, and the public can trust CNN reporting?

Crazy proposals.. again

Trump moved along his 'off script agenda' and finally addressed the topic of guns. He told the crowd that no one ever talks about the survivors in mass shootings and interjected that if one of the survivors had a gun, then the terrorists would have been shot.

Trump even compared guns used in mass killings to vehicles. His ‘joking’ proposal was to outlaw trucks and vans because they are the new weapon for terrorists. He also continued to tout ideas like arming teachers and fortifying schools to stop school shootings. The convention-goers loved Trump’s speech and shouted sycophancies of ‘I love you,' and he back to them.

So now that the president has professed his love for the NRA, and by his own admission a 'true friend,' the rest of America is back to square one on federal help and changes to gun laws.

And if Tump’s the NRA’s new BFF who will serve as a friend to America's children? And the citizens who continue to be mowed down by unstable, assault rifle and gun-toting individuals? Perhaps these are questions best posed to those with lawmaking power and those hiding behind the 2nd Amendment.