''The Blacklist'' adventure is set to continue for at least one more season. Launched back in 2013, this NBC-based thriller quickly gathered a strong fan base that kept it above the floating line in the years to come. Having James Spader as its most flamboyant character, the show somehow blended, in a stunning manner, the promiscuous universe of criminal minds with law enforcement's spirit.

Season 5 finale set the premises for a powerful comeback and Season 6 will have a strong point to start from. Spader embodies Raymond Reddington, the No. 1 most wanted criminal on the FBI list and a philanthropist wannabe.

Season 5 finale delivered a stunning twist regarding Reddington's past - a dark secret that threatens to make his persona irrelevant.

A quick recap of what we know so far

Back in 2013, the show started with a bang as Reddington decided to turn himself in. After years spent in the dark, his only request was to talk with an FBI profiler, Elisabeth Keen. As things evolved between Raymond and Elisabeth, their bond took a new turn when Keen learned that she was working along with her father.

Once Tom Keen died and the Nash syndicate got exposed, Keen dug even deeper into Reddington's past only to learn that Reddington has another daughter, Jennifer.

Episode 22 of Season 5 was pretty spectacular given the final outcome.

Liz orchestrates a con to get herself the opportunity to learn whose bones are stuffed into that mysterious suitcase. Reddington bites the bait and the whole narrative is blown away by the discovery; the bones belong to the real Raymond Reddington (Elisabeth's real father) who was murdered 30 years ago. It seems that she got tricked by an impostor but she is determined to learn his true identity and to destroy him.

Am emotional scene picture shows her having an imaginary conversation with Tom. Moments later, Jennifer steps in too, only to show that the FBI profiler won't be alone in her quest to seek justice.

A mono-centered TV show passing the longevity test

''The Blacklist'' grew bigger and stronger as an overall product, there is no doubt there.

What's truly amazing is the manner in which it has succeeded. The overall narrative construct might not be fit for a long-lasting journey but the amazing job done by James Spader fuelled the story in a spectacular way.

Basically, the whole show resides on Raymond's unorthodox and ethically-questionable relationship with the FBI. With little deviations along the way, the fact that the show survived so long, is a big win. And, whether we like it or not, the criminal James Spader chose to embody, is both the bread and the butter for the entire story.