Trump’s new lawyer, former New York City (NYC) Mayor Rudy Giuliani appeared on an ABC News show Sunday morning (May 6) for an interview. He and the president spoke on the golf course after his meeting, and they have agreed that Rudy would focus on the legal issues, according to CNN.

This time in his interview, Giuliani went on the record saying that Trump and Cohen had a ‘regular arrangement’ referencing the Stormy payoff. So it came as no surprise when the host asked if there were more women who may have been paid off. To this, Rudy replied that he had no knowledge of that but he "would think if it were necessary, yes.”

Hours later, in a CNN interview, Avenatti, attorney for Stormy Daniels, Stephanie Clifford, said he had already thought this and when the case is laid out, everything will come to light.

He also pointed to the recent contradictory interviews and statements given by the POTUS and Giuliani, and what appears to be never-ending and changing stories. “This is what happens when you lie and try to cover up,” said Avenatti, adding that the Giuliani interview was a “train wreck.”

Hush money or gag order?

It's hard to keep track but this is Giuliani’s fourth or fifth televised interview in which he has made statements that continue to dig the proverbial hole for him and his client—legally and politically. It would seem, it isn’t the women in Trump's legal woes who need non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) or hush money, it's America’s Mayor, Trump's new lawyer.

Just on Friday (May 4) Rudy gave public statements and comments about the Iran Nuclear deal when he is not an expert on foreign policy, nor does he work for the White House.

His best bet should have been to remain silent, especially since the POTUS is expected to make a decision about the Iran nuclear deal in the upcoming weeks. And if talking about Iran wasn’t bad enough, Rudy set his sights on chatting it up about North Korea last week too.

In one of his FOX News interviews, he told America that the three Americans being held hostage in North Korea would be released and coming home the next day.

America waited. And it didn’t happen.

The White House has had to walk back a few of Rudy’s comments and tried to pass his comments off as him being the eager new kid on the block, asserting that America should ignore his comments on foreign policy. And sure, that would be easy if Rudy would just stop talking.

Double talk?

Later, as he had done in previous interviews, Giuliani explained how Trump knew about the Stormy payment after it was done and as a result, Trump’s repayment to Cohen was “perfectly legal.” He emphasized there were no campaign finance law violations, and referred to the $130,000 as a “nuisance payment”, dismissing any and all severity of the issue.

Then the conversation turned sideways.

For some reason, Giuliani felt a need to drive home the idea that Cohen has no incriminating evidence against Trump implying that the materials seized by the FBI in the April 9 raid of Cohen's home and offices have nothing to do with Donald. Then Giuliani confused everyone by saying Cohen would flipTrump. Well, which is it?

Rudy spoke in circles and hyperboles so much, he seemed to not recall statements he’d just made moments before or on previous news networks. When he appeared to be trapped in his own web, he blamed it on his “still learning the facts” and as of now, the most he could do since he didn't have all the facts was "prove rumors.”

Defiance, conspiracy, and lies

Trump has been saying all along that he would love to talk to Mueller but his lawyers advise against it.

Rudy told America Sunday morning that the president doesn’t have to sit down with the special counsel, even if he is subpoenaed. This is not true. The president is not above the law and if subpoenaed by a Grand Jury, he must make an appearance and answer questions.

When asked if Trump will sit down with Mueller, Rudy defiantly said he didn’t think so now, “not after the way they’ve acted,” referring to Mueller’s team leaking the infamous 49 would-be-questions to the media. And then it happened.

As Rudy tried to destroy the credibility of special counsel Robert Mueller and his team, asserting they were the ones who leaked the questions, the ABC host interjected the truth, which was that the leaked-questions were written by one of Trump’s lawyers, Jay Sekulow.

Deny, deny, deny

Yes, it's true, as reported and confirmed by several media outlets, Sekulow came up with the leaked-questions after he and members of Trump's legal team met Mueller about speaking with Trump. And yes, these are the same questions that found their way into the hands of the media and the world.

With a headshake and a stammer, Rudy tried to think quick on his feet and went to the only go-to he could, denial. Even when he was pressed on the issue he continued to deny it then relented by saying, “Well, I know it wasn’t leaked by us.”

And to be clear, at no time since the onset of the Russia probe and investigation has Mueller’s team leaked anything. Ever. However, the Trump Administration has publicly stated and would have America believe, Mueller’s team, who is primarily Republican by the way, are Democrats who are out to get the POTUS.

Babbling brook

The interview ended with Rudy giving his two cents on a variety of other issues from his thoughts on Trump possibly pleading the Fifth to criticizing former presidential administrations for not doing their job.

He continued to bestow accolades on the president and said he was leaning towards advising Trump to not speak with the special counsel because he believes it is a “perjury trap.” However, one must question how one is ensnared in a perjury trap if one tells the truth? Is the truth lost or just evaded?

It seems the search for the truth is being associated with Robert Mueller and if that is the case, let it be. Because if the truth doesn’t make Donald free, it would at least free Americans from the saga that continues to unfold. And if not free from the saga, it would at least 'Make America Sane Again.'