Welcome to another new edition of "For The Record." In this edition, I focus on Annie Fitzgerald’s new album titled “You & Me & the Sun.” For those not up on their indie artists, Annie Fitzgerald is an American singer-songwriter deemed by the Songwriters Hall of Fame as “an artist to watch.”

Annie Fitzgerald

Fitzgerald’s signature sound is a mélange of multiple music genres including pop and rock ‘n’ roll. Since putting out her praiseworthy premiere platter “In Good Time,” she has spent some time involved in the New York City indie music scene, started her family, and happily returned to her home state of Minnesota, where she discovered what she calls a “newfound sense of space” in which to once more create.

Her new, upcoming audio offering is the result of finding a “balance between motherhood and “life as a songwriter.” On this platter, Fitzgerald focuses on her singing. She is backed by several other artists including Ian Allison (bass), Grady Kenevan (drums), producer Danny O'Brien (acoustic guitar), Steve Bosmans (electric guitar), Andre Rodriguez (piano), and Dan Lawonn (cello).

Track by track

The 10-track release opens on “Be Like a Tree” which is more than enough to draw the listener into her world. “Listen Carefully” proves that she has not lost her ability to write original songs that are somehow radio-friendly and perfect for television or motion picture soundtracks. The next number is “Black & Blue” which features a guitar intro that only adds to Fitzgerald’s updated approach to contemporary songwriting.

The apropos “Feels Like Summer” follows. It’s a stand-out track and another example of her recent work to expand her already friendly and fluid signature sound. She slows things down a bit with “Goodbye Now” which, while initially seeming like a good closing cut, works just as well (if not better) right here.

“Rest of Me” features yet more interesting new production choices to back her consistently high-quality vocal work.

The titular “You & Me & the Sun” quickly follows here. One of the best tracks here, it’s up-beat, dreamily pleasant, and positive in terms of both music and message.

Next is “I Won't Walk Away.” With vocals somehow both vaguely reminiscent of an American Niall Quinn and Kate Bush, this song, like every other cut here, is also worth a listen.

There’s an ethereal quality to “Spellbound” as well that makes it work as her trademark vocals continue to please. The album endnote, “Oh Caroline,” is but one more excellent example of Fitzgerald’s talent as a singer-songwriter.

For the record

For the record, this new disc is rife with beautiful, vital songs that reflect her recent experiences, a sense of vulnerability, connection, and love. It’s a new compilation of songs that is heartfelt and honest. So check out Annie Fitzgerald’s new album “You & Me & the Sun” because if you “Listen Carefully” you just might discover that she’ll have you “Spellbound.”

Note: If you’re going to be in the area and would like to meet Fitzgerald she will be performing live at the official "You & Me & the Sun" Album Release Party at The Hook & Ladder Theatre & Lounge located in Minneapolis, Minnesota on June 1, 2018, at 8 PM.