Welcome to a new edition of "For The Record." In this edition, we focus on the Victoria Ginty's new disc "Unfinished Business." For those readers not yet up on the Victoria Ginty, Ginty is an Apollo Beach, Florida-based multi-genre vocalist.

Victoria Ginty

Ginty’s signature sound is a mix of multiple music genres including Americana, country, R&B, rock, and soul. Her vocals can be both sultry and sassy (and sometimes in the same song). Ginty live touring band is named Ladyhawke. This studio album, however, was recorded with a selection of studio musicians.

She notes, however, that the band helped make many of the songs on the album “come to life” and inspired her. On this new platter Ginty is backed by Jerry Livingston (bass), Grace Lougen (guitar), co-producer Richie English (piano), B. Decker (Hammond organ), J. English (drums), G. Castillo (percussion), J. Diggs (backing vocals), E. Wozniak (tenor sax), C. Weirich (trumpet), and J. Cheslak (trombone).

Track by track

The 11-track release opens on the titular “Unfinished Business.” This is a fun, flirty cut with a funky groove and some interesting lyrical “what ifs.” It’s the first of several selections co-written with Mike Ivey the Ladyhawke bassist.

The second song is “Take Me Down.” A spiritual almost Gospel-like selection by Ginty and Ivey.

It focuses on life and redemption.

“Hard To Move On” was written by Ginty, Ivey, and Lougen. This ballad is about regretting a breakup. Ginty sings of the need for closure.

Another Ginty-Invey work, “You Don’t Love Me No More,” is perhaps an unsurprising inclusion. Here Ginty sings of the anger a woman feels when she feels her needs are not being met by her man.

Still, thanks in part to the songs upbeat tempo, it still works.

“Every Night And Every Day” is a cross-genre cover. It’s a sexy remake of a slow blues tune by Jimmy McCracklin. It’d followed by the Ginty-Ivey-English collaboration “Give It Up.” It’s another fun, flirty, R&B-blessed tune wherein Ginty urges her love to surrender to his feelings.

“Water” was co-written by Grammy-nominated Michael Alan Ward. It’s a melodic piece about being stranded in an “emotional desert” where meeting someone special is like water to someone about to die of thirst. “Sign Your Name” is Ginty’s Latin-tinted adaptation of a Terence Trent D’Arby tune.

Ginty also performs “Lying (In Each Other’s Arms)” which was written by Grammy-winning songwriter, Earl Bud Lee. It’s a song about an illicit affair that feeds the body but stresses the soul. It's a soulful blues song about passion and self-deception.

The stunning blues bit “Do Me Right” comes next. It’s a sharp “better watch what you do, cause I will leave you” tune by Ginty and Ivey. The pair offers one final example of their teamwork on the soulful “The Blues Found Me” which concludes that we must ultimately accept responsibility for our own lives.

For the record

For the record, this nearly 57-minute audio offering includes some enjoyable, invigorating performances of original material. Even the covers are interesting adaptations that Ginty musically makes her own. So check out Victoria Ginty’s “Unfinished Business” and you soon may be saying: “The Blues Found Me” too.