united airlines doesn't have the greatest reputation among other airlines after a few videos of a passenger being forcibly removed and dragged off an overbooked flight went viral. After the incident, United Airlines posted a new policy update in the realm of customer treatment and experience. However, recently I figured out that they are not taking great care of our furry friends. In one week, United poorly treated the transportation of three different Dogs. Reports from Trupanion and the airline itself were used for information in this article.

Dudley goes to Missouri

On March 15, a flight to St. Louis, Missouri was rerouted mid-flight because a special passenger was on the wrong flight. Six-year-old mix breed Dudley was accidentally put on a flight to St. Louis instead of being sent home with the rest of his family in Akron, Ohio. Dudley, in the end, did make it home safe and sound. So what's the big deal? Mistakes do happen, but this was the third incident with a man's best friend in one week from United Airlines.

Irgo is a world traveler

On March 13, Irgo the German shepherd was put on the wrong flight and went all the way to Japan. Where was he supposed to go? His family lives in Kansas City, Missouri! The family also says that Irgo was not given food or water on the 16-hour flight.

Irgo is now home and happy with his family.

Kokito goes to a better place

Sadly, on March 12, French bulldog Kokito did not have such a harmful incident as being on the wrong flight. Kokito died on the flight because United told the owners to place the 10-month-old pup in one of the overhead bins made for luggage. United Airlines is actually responsible for more than one-third of animal-related deaths on United States airline flights from January 2012 to February 2017.

In March to December of 2017, United was responsible for 70 percent of animal deaths and 83 percent of animal injuries on United States flights. For the time being, United Airlines has suspended all Petsafe Travel Reservations so they can review the program.

So what airlines are good with pets?

I know that after reading this, even if the program is changed, I wouldn't want to trust United Airlines with my furry friends.

Alaska Airlines, Jet Blue, and Virgin America have a first-come-first-serve $100 fee to have your pet travel in the cabin with you. Of course, they have to limit the number of pets in cabin on the whole flight. American Airlines has actually created "Cuddle Class," first-class cabins for small cats and dogs. Alaska Airlines PetStreak Animal Express has a similar system, "Fur-st Class Care" in which they promise your best friend will be treated with "fur-st rate care."