Jonas Neubauer was in the news for days for accidentally breaking two Tetris world records in just two days. However, I recently checked the Tetris leaderboard, and there is another name in first place for both of Neubauer's records: Koryan.

Many hope to see both Neubauer and Koryan at The 2017 Classic Tetris World Championship this fall at the Oregon Convention Center during the Portland Retro Gaming Expo. Showing this year as well, is award-winning Tetris documentary, "Ecstasy of Order: The Tetris Masters." Started in 2010, Neubauer has won the championship title all seven years.

Who will it be this year?

Jonas Neubauer a.k.a. 'NubbinsGoody'

The 33-year-old is the seven-time Tetris World Champion, winning the title every year at the Classic Tetris World Championships in Portland, Oregon since it was started in 2010. On one of his recent Twitch streams, Neubauer had initially set out to break the speed record for clearing 100 lines. He apparently messed up, but once he reached a score of 300,000, exclaimed that it seemed he got that score really fast. Checking the comments, Neubauer read as all of his followers told him that he was the first person to ever reach a score of 300,000 in under two minutes, at one minute and 57 seconds. The next day he set the speed record for 100 lines at Level 19 in three minutes and 15 seconds.

You can check out the YouTube video posted by Jonas Neubauer himself of his Twitch stream where he accidentally became the first person to reach a score of 300,000 in under two minutes.

Tetris Grand Master Champion Koryan

I checked the 1989 NES Tetris Leaderboard and Neubauer was in second place for both of the records broken.

Tetris competitor Koryan was in first, therefore, dethroning and bumping Neubauer down to second. Koryan reached a score of 300,000 in one minute, 50 seconds, and 33 milliseconds. He also got a faster speed record for completing 100 lines at Level 19, but in three minutes, 10 seconds, and 960 milliseconds. I was curious to see if Koryan was known for anything else in the Tetris competition world, since Neubauer has won the Championship title every year.

It turns out, Koryan is only one of three people to reach Level 30 in NTSC NES Tetris. The other two people are Thor Aackerlund and Janutzska Brandy.

Check out this YouTube video posted by Classic Tetris of Koryan's live stream when he achieved Level 30 and became a Tetris Grand Master!