Ahh, the feeling of freedom when you get to leave work, pack your bags and head off for a wonderful weekend away. While some of us carry duffels, and others tote around rolling suitcases, it is Clear that we all drag along with us the fear of jetlag and sleep deprivation upon Traveling. If you're like me and want to thrive on making checklists and travel itineraries, make sure you put a gold star next to "getting sleep" and join me as I discuss two ways in which you can say sayonara to Sleep Deprivation so you can focus on what truly matters -- getting away while keeping stress and uncertainty at bay.

Domestic flights and sleep deprivation

Well, take a minute and look up at the sky. Chances are that you'll see one or two planes zooming through the air. Did you know that there are approximately 77,000 flights each and every day? That's a lot of people going on business trips, traveling to see loved ones and not to mention, going on vacation. I bet it's safe to say that the majority of the people who are currently up and away are feeling some form of exhaustion, whether they are consciously aware of it or not.

People wake up early to catch red-eye flights and run marathons through airports to catch connecting flights. No wonder so many of us try to catch some shut-eye while in the air. If you're traveling domestically, it's very likely that you may be passing through multiple time zones and that will make your eyes go a little wonky.

It might be a good idea to know which zone you are entering before you are traveling and perhaps adjust your sleep schedule to coincide with the hours forward or back you might be traveling to and from. Another idea is to stow away your electronics while traveling. I know your flight might be lengthy but focusing on a screen can actually make you even more tired.

Perhaps pull out your old screenless iPod from the dawn of the dinosaurs and put on some smooth jazz while you sit back, relax and take a snooze.

Traveling internationally? No problem

So, you're going across the pond or soaring toward the great wall of China and are worried that your first few days are going to be a daze because of the sleep you feel you need to catch up on?

Relax. Don't overload your schedule. Maybe on the first day, you can hit the Louvre or slurp some spaghetti instead of overworking yourself by going on three tours and then walking up to the top of the Eiffel Tower -- trust me, not a good idea. I did all of that my first day in France when I went with my family and honestly regretted it. I was so tired that I didn't enjoy much of it to be honest, simply because of how exhausted I was.

Whether you're treking to the Dead Sea or taking a short flight to your childhood hometown, remember that sleep is important. We easily forget that we function our best when we get a solid night's sleep. We can't be our best selves if we aren't properly rested. So my point is simple. Be kind to your body, adjust your sleep schedule accordingly, and have fun. Traveling should be terrific, not tiresome.