In my opinion, acting has always been a gift and one that culminates in talent and developing skill, but a gift nonetheless. There are so many actors in Hollywood and others that simply do not make it. The entertainment industry is ruthless, but for an individual who makes it, the rewards are endless, with fame and fortune.

There are many actors that I like and with compiling this list, it must be noted that I picked the ones that stick out in my mind the most in modern times, not all-time. These are the 5 that I most enjoy on the big screen and some who I think are truly underrated.

5. Nicholas Cage

I will stand by the claim that Cage is underappreciated and an amazing actor despite how he is depicted in the roles he has played throughout his career. Cage has supreme acting chops with films like "Leaving Las Vegas," where he plays a man who is on a mission to drink himself to death, although, along the way, he falls in love with a prostitute and the two have an unbreakable bond, and through everything respect each other's decisions they have made in their lives.

My favorite film he was in has to be "Leaving Las Vegas," where he won an Oscar, but I loved his other films portraying a historian in "National Treasure," action film "Ghost Rider," "Gone in 60 Seconds," -- although it has a convoluted story I liked his acting in the film.

There are so many other films, including "The Wicker Man," "8MM," and "Joe." He was also brilliant in the movie "Adaptation."

What makes Nicholas Cage such a terrific actor is all the different he has had, and the realistic emotion he can put into them. I feel that some of the movies' scripts and directing were more to blame than anything he did.

If you need him to play as a detective, cop, con man, hero, or a man down on his luck, he will deliver.

4. Shia LaBeouf

Shia LaBeouf is a complicated figure. Don't get it twisted, however, because this man can act. Shia is well known for his role in the movie series, "Transformers," but he has many other terrific films that showcase him as a star.

Some examples are playing a teen on house arrest who finds out his next door neighbor is a serial killer in "Disturbia," and he was excellent in the war film "Fury," alongside Brad Pitt.

He was impressive in other movies, including "Eagle Eye," "Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps," and in his short role in the film "I, Robot." While Shia LaBeouf is a terrific actor, he is underrated and should be casted in more films. He is also good at making headlines with his bizarre YouTube sensation video screaming "Just do it." Yet again, I think that Shia LaBeouf is one of the best actors in Hollywood for what he brings to the table overall with his realistic emotion, poise, and energy.

3. Matthew McConaughey

"Alright, alright," were the words uttered from McConaughey with a Texan accent in his hit film "Dallas Buyers Club," where he portrayed a man slowly dying from AIDS who does not give up the fight, and instead, smuggles in medicine to treat himself and others. He was terrific in "Interstellar," "The Wolf of Wall Street," "Mud," "Fool's Gold," and "Reign of Fire." He went through a rough patch in his career where he was in romantic comedies at first that did not suit him, but then there was a turning point when he was cast in films that showcased his broad talent. And wow did it pay dividends! McConaughey is one of the most sought out actors in Hollywood and can portray many different roles.

2. Will Smith

I grew up watching Will Smith and there is no question that he is a stellar actor that is versatile in the roles he plays. Although, he is the best at playing in action thrillers and suspenseful films like "I, Robot," "I Am Legend," "Focus," "Seven Pounds," "Hancock," and "Bad Boys."

He is also a funny guy and is well known for the hit TV show "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air," which has to be one of my favorite shows of all-time. Smith plays a hilarious love doctor in "Hitch," and as the head fish in "Shark Tale." My favorite film would have to be "The Pursuit of Happyness," where Smith plays a father down on his luck that never gives up in terms of raising his son and getting through poverty.

1. Leonardo DiCaprio

He is king. Nobody has had such a diverse acting portfolio, and what makes him one of the best actors is how he displays emotion, surprises the audience, and plays the roles perfectly. Leonardo kick-started his career and brilliance with "Titanic," where he plays Jack, who is tangled in a love story on a sinking ship brought to its doom.

He has so many hit films, including "The Wolf of Wall Street," "Shutter Island," "The Great Gatsby," "The Aviator," and "Revolutionary Road." These are my top five, who are yours? Do any of these 5 make your list?