The US President Donald Trump has continued his hire and fire policy and many more heads have rolled. There is a good chance that in time to come even the secretary of Homeland Security General Kelly, may be shown the door. Trump is a man who neither forgets nor forgives. One man the US President was gunning for was the former FBI official Andrew Mccabe. The Telegraph has reported that Trump had accused Andrew McCabe of political bias especially with regard to the email investigation against Hillary Clinton.

Trump acts

In January this year, McCabe stepped down from his position as Deputy Director.

He probably knew that he was a marked man and was just marking time to superannuate and retire but Jeff Sessions the Attorney General, has fired the ex-deputy director two days before his 50th birthday when he was expected to retire with full pension benefits. President Donald Trump has expressed his happiness at the sacking and tweeted that McCabe "knew all about the lies and corruption going on at the highest level in the FBI."

One has a lurking suspicion that the sacking has been timed to have the maximum effect as it was effected just two days before his retirement. In December the president had tweeted that the Deputy Director was racing the clock to retire with full benefits and he had 90 days to go.

From this, it is clear that Donald Trump wanted to not only dismiss MacCabe but also ensure that he remembers his sacking for all time to come.


McCabe has an FBI career spanning more than two decades and rose to the number two position in the hierarchy of the Bureau. He was fired just two days before his official retirement.

The Deputy Director issued a statement and said that the sacking had dented his reputation and he claimed that it was a larger effort to discredit the intelligence agencies.

The troubles of McCabe began in 2016 when a report surfaced that his wife had accepted $500,000 from the Political Action Committee of then democratic Virginia governor Terry Mcauliffe, who was a close friend of the Clinton family.

His wife lost the election in 2015 but Trump who has a sharp mind had this man on his radar.

The sacking

McCabe was sacked after an investigation by the Inspector general. In a way, he has only himself to blame as there is a chance that having accepted money from the Democratic caucus he could have compromised on the email scandal of Hillary Clinton. The fact remains that the Justice Department Inspector general concluded that McCabe misled investigators when he authorized FBI officers to speak to media regarding the investigation against Hillary Clinton. This sacking proves that the president is not a man who gives any chance to anyone he feels is not for him