On Friday morning (April 13), Trump’s attorney, Michael Cohen, appeared in federal court to suppress evidence seized in the FBI raid on Monday (April 9). Trump hired an attorney on Wednesday (April 11) who also appeared in court Friday (April 13) asking the court to suppress materials confiscated in the raid, citing attorney-client privilege. His new attorney argued that Trump is the only one who can waive that privilege; thus, the information shared between the president and Cohen should be protected.

There were many questions left unanswered in court on Friday, but the Department of Justice (DOJ) confirmed that Cohen is indeed the target of a criminal investigation.

According to CNN reports, the court documents stated the judge sees the case to be more about Cohen’s business dealings and not necessarily about his activity as an attorney. She, the judge, also asserted that the evidence provided did support such an investigation.

With regard to the motion to suppress the evidence collected, the judge asked Cohen’s legal team to provide a list of clients and provide reasoning as to why the government should not have access to the evidence collected. Michael Cohen’s attorney could not provide an answer. In response, the judge called a recess to allow Cohen’s team time throughout the day to provide the list.

Later, Friday afternoon, when Cohen’s attorney returned to court to fight for him, Michael Cohen lounged outside a hotel smoking a cigar in a style likened to "The Sopranos," laughing it up.

Meanwhile, inside the courthouse, as court resumed, Cohen’s attorney faced the judge with empty hands and no list in sight. Again, the judge extended more time again and gave Cohen’s counsel until Monday (April 16) to produce the client list.

A boatload of evidence

CNN reported that there have been covert methods to obtain Cohen’s emails and that he has been under surveillance for months.

This is how the DOJ learned he wasn’t really doing any legal work except for Donald Trump, stating in the court filing that "Cohen is, in fact, performing little to no legal work, and that zero emails were exchanged with President Trump." Currently, the government is still trying to start their review of the evidence collected from Cohen’s safe deposit boxes, home, phone, and other devices in addition to the several files confiscated from the lawyer’s offices.

Media sources such as the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and CNN have all reported that among the evidence seized, there are alleged recordings of meetings and phone conversations Cohen had with people, including clients.


On Friday (April 5), Rhonda McDaniel, the chair of the Republican National Committee (RNC) appeared on CNN and announced she had accepted the resignation of Deputy Finance Chair Elliot Broidy earlier that day. Broidy resigned in light of his secret emerging about impregnating a Playmate model while he was married and the non-disclosure agreement (NDA) that followed the affair. The resignation was not surprising considering the circumstance, however, who facilitated the agreement is, you got it, Michael Cohen.

Michael Cohen also serves as a finance director for the RNC, where Broidy worked. Cohen helped him by negotiating a $1.6-million payoff for the model, who, by the way, did not have the baby. McDaniel said there are no changes at this time in Cohen's employment with the RNC, but would be speaking with him about his continuance. She reaffirmed that Cohen has not been charged with anything and the RNC believes in due process.

Is it privilege or entitlement?

Trump, who can be self-absorbed at times, is fighting an uphill battle when it comes to privilege and keeping his secrets secret. Legal analyst Laura Coates explained that attorney-client privilege flew out the window on Thursday, April 5, when President Trump was on Air Force 1 and told reporters he had no idea about the $130,000 hush money payment made by Cohen to the adult film actress Stormy Daniels or the infamous NDA.

He then told the media to ask his attorney Michael Cohen about it.

This in itself smashes the attorney-client privilege defense to smithereens and opens Pandora's Box. Since, and using Trump's own words, Cohen acted without his prior knowledge or consent, and as such, attorney-client privilege for said incident doesn't apply. Bottom line, Trump wants no part of this circus, except, he’s the ringleader and there is no escape.

Will the lawyer go to prison?

First off, Cohen is not talking. Period. He isn't even showing up for court. Remember, this is the same gentleman that said he would take a bullet for The President. It seems his loyalty is unwavering. The New York Times and CNN both reported that Trump even called Michael Cohen to check-in with him.

The two reportedly discussed the raid and other things pertaining to the case. Smart right? Now, some are questioning if Cohen will trade his family, wife, and kids for Donald Trump, the man who threw him under a bus just a week ago. Beep beep!