James Comey is releasing his book today. The book is supposedly about leadership and loyalty. The book is really about him trying to protect his reputation. During his tenure as Fbi Director he was the only one who had morals, according to his recollection.

Donald Trump was his favorite person to attack. According to Fox News, Comey stated, “Trump is 'unethical' and 'untethered to truth and institutional values.'” Interesting words coming from a former director that had many incidences during his tenure that match those statements.

In today's politics, it seems that the Modus operandi is to blame others for what you are actually doing yourself.

Comey is blaming Trump for what he is actually doing himself. He is trying to deflect public attention and focus on Donald Trump instead.

James Comey untethered to the truth

James Comey claims to have had a conversation with John Kelly, who was the Secretary of Homeland Security at the time. He has since moved into the role of White House chief of staff. This conversation took place immediately after Comey was fired as director of the FBI.

According to the Washington Examiner, Kelly stated, “he didn't want to work for dishonorable people.” Kelly was referring to the manner in which Comey was fired. Comey was inferring that the reason he was fired was because of the ongoing investigation into Russian collusion during the presidential campaign.

This passage puts Kelly in an awkward situation with President Trump. He is still working for the president. It makes it seem like he does not trust the president. Kelly has denied that this conversation took place. James Comey used this private conversation and used it to prove that even the people working for Trump think he is dishonorable.

There is no proof that this conversation ever took place because of Kelly's denial. Also, while testifying on Capitol Hill, he claimed “that he had never been asked to halt an investigation for political reasons.” This is from an article by Fox News.

In his book, he states that Donald Trump asked him directly to stop the investigation into Michael Flynn.

This is a direct contradiction of his sworn testimony to Congress. Comey needs to rethink who is untethered to the truth.

James Comey is unethical

James Comey admitted under oath that he leaked content to the media. Comey kept notes of his conversations with Donald Trump in his office. He "leaked bureau documents to protect himself and to try to make himself 'look good in the press.'” according to Fox News.

Ethics is doing the right thing always. Leaking documents whether classified or not, would be unethical. Comey admitted under oath that he is unethical by leaking documents to clear his own reputation.

James Comey's view on institutional values

James Comey in writing this book proves he does not follow protocols or precedents.

The Russian investigation is still ongoing. A portion of Comey's new book is written about the Russian investigation, even though details pertaining to an ongoing investigation cannot be revealed, according to FBI protocol.

The other incident in which he threw out FBI protocol was when he announced he had “called an end to the Clinton email investigation.” according to Fox News. The FBI is an investigative branch of the United States government. The Justice Department are the prosecutors. They decide whether charges will be filed and when to end an investigation.

The real James Comey

James Comey (to use his quote) “is 'unethical' and 'untethered to truth and institutional values.'” His quote was meant to be used against Donald Trump.

He has proven that this quote is really a self reflection. James Comey's book is a way to blame everyone else for his own faults. This book must be taken at face value. It is written by an author that has on multiple occasions proven that he will take steps to promote himself over truth or protocol.

James Comey has every right to state his mind and write this book. The content of the book must be questioned due to the nature of his past actions. This book is about him and protecting his reputation. He is establishing a new reputation as a person who will do anything to that end. The real James Comey is being established and this book is written proof.