This past year, my Parents decided to cut me off. I have been removed from as much of their lives as possible. While this is not too big of a deal, as I am an adult, it is now far more difficult to communicate with my Sister.

She video-called me the other day while our parents were not home. She knew that my parents and I are not speaking, but she still wanted to hear from me.

I know my influence on her life is now minimal, but I tried to impart to her the most important things that I wish I had figured out sooner, and that I could be around to help her with.

The advice

1. Keep up with your schooling

I know it isn't fun. I know you don't like math and science that much, but they are so important.

2. Keep up with your art

They offer art classes alongside the math and science for a reason, you can do both.

3. Keep learning your language

It happens to be French for her. Communication between languages and the effort you put into communication is hugely important. It is ignorant to think everyone else should have to learn English.

4. Keep being active

I know track sucks. Running and jumping are hard, but if you get really good they can help pay for your schooling.

5. Religion

This is a touchy subject for me and always has been in our household. I do not consider myself religious, but my advice is, if your religion makes you happy, stick with it.

If you feel it makes you and your life better - great! All I ask is that you be understanding and kind to those with a different religion or no religion at all. We are all people. Please just be kind.

6. Be You, Be Everything

You can do anything you set your mind to, and there is a lot that you can do. Whatever it is, don't let people tell you that you can't do it.

Do not let people tell you that you can't be good at art, math, science, and sports. Prove them wrong. I know you can be good at all of them.

It just takes time, practice, work, and patience.

7. Love

All I can do is tell her that I love her. All I could do was give her the advice that I passionately felt she needed to know. After that, I had to tell her that I loved her more than anything and that no matter what she does with her life, that won't change.

Even though our parents and I are not on good terms, or even communicating, that situation does not extend to her.

She and our parents are separate entities to me. She knows that she can get into contact with me whenever she needs me. She has my email, and my number, and my video-chat username. She also knows that she is welcome to come and visit any time.

Final advice

If you ever find yourself in a situation where many relationships start to fall apart, save as many as you can. Some are inevitable and even necessary, but don't let those separate you from others that are just as important.

We need each other. We need support. We need love.

If you are not getting all of those from a relationship, it may not be worth it. You deserve the world, and there are people who can give it to you, and help you find it.