Mark Zuckerberg, famously known for being the CEO of Facebook, had his first official hearing on April 11 relating to the privacy of Facebook and how our data is spread. Senators were given five minutes each to ask him questions about legislation issues and his monopolized business. The questions will continue on the 12th of April, where they will speak about the limits of privacy and how people are somewhat responsible if their data goes to places beyond their control. Some of his facial expressions and movements throughout the hearing prompted the people of Twitter to comment on his stiff demeanor.

Robot or Lizard Man?

From robots to being a Lizard Man, Zuckerberg has been compared to it all. The stiff actions of the video above resemble the scene in "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part Two" where the vampires have to explain to Bella how to act human. "Move Slowly. Blink at least three times a minute. Hold your breath, but move your shoulders to make it look like you're breathing. And don't sit so straight. Humans don't do that."

The comments about the data gathering from Facebook software have even prompted Photoshopped (or are they real?) photos of Zuckerberg's "true form." With the bloodshot eyes and the yellow coloring, I can understand how the lizard theory could be spread.

Images of Mark sitting on a booster at the hearing added to the inhuman memes spreading like wildfire. Even though he is average at 5'7", in this photo the height difference shows what we believe is human and not. While these may be mean comments, the internet is full of people trolling celebrities for the smallest acts, and Zuckerberg did not miss the internet's intense gaze.

Proof of the conspiracy

Conspiracies are everywhere, including the lizard theory: this lizard race taking over the Earth. In a video from 2017, Zuckerberg admits his false humanity himself, then quickly covers it up by making a joke about it.

Another video mocks his change from a smile to a straight face with a switch, which could make you wonder if he is being controlled by some other entity.

When questioned in 2017 he denied any accusations, but the true believers still think he's covering a secret. He says "I'm gonna have to go with no on that," with further speculation suggesting that maybe he is being told to not reveal his identity. The world might not be ready for the release of the lizard men living among us. This video by Pewdiepie, YouTube gamer and creator, questions Mark's actions in detail using his own evidence gathered to prove his point.

What do you think? Man, robot, or lizard?