Believe it or not, playing videos game was once not a leisure at home activity. Today most video games are played in the comfort of home, but, in the 80’s things were a little different. Video game consoles were starting to become mainstream, but they had not taken off to the level they are at today.

In the 80’s most had to go to an arcade

An arcade was a place you could go and play games. The arcade would be full of many different types of games. It became a very popular hangout for young adults and teens.

As arcades were growing and people were starting to learn about the joy of playing video games a new technology gained some recognition.

The new technology was virtual reality. Arcades began to install virtual reality video games that others could play. The virtual reality machines were big and often included you having to stand in a hub with a headset on. The games were basic at the time. Virtual reality gaming ultimately didn’t take off and died, as did arcades.

The demise of arcades led to the birth of gaming consoles

Gaming consoles like Nintendo and PlayStation began to take over and people started gathering in living rooms. Although, you can still find some remnants of arcades in some places. Places like Dave and Busters are an example, but, for many years virtual reality disappeared.

Recently, however, VR gaming has made a comeback.

At first, it was an option for those who owned a high-end computer, but, technology companies started to recognize that it could be profitable to look into it again because of rising interest. Virtual reality became readily available due to mobile devices such as the Samsung Gear. This led to developers creating more content for virtual reality -- which led to more virtual reality video games.

Virtual reality

  • It can be done on a mobile device.
  • It is now widely available in many different forms.
  • It is now available on the PlayStation 4 console.
  • It is relatively inexpensive now due to competition and the growth of technology.
  • The VR gaming experience has become truly impressive with mainstream video games available such as "Skyrim" and more video games on the way.
  • It provides a man cave in any room.
  • VR gaming headsets provide the opportunity to play all other games on a big screen with no television required.
  • You can watch 3D movies in a theater environment.
  • Netflix provides a service just for the VR environment.
  • It provides an experience to go into the gaming world. The player can truly be in the game. If it is a shooting game the enemy is coming at you and enemies surround you. You can be on a roller coaster, and so much more.
  • Bonus: It was recently announced that virtual reality arcades are coming back for those that may not own a console or computer.

It does have drawbacks

One of the most common drawbacks is motion sickness.

Due to the fact that you are immersed in a virtual environment, the motion appears real and it can cause extreme nausea and not all people can tolerate it. For this reason, it is important to try out a virtual reality gaming before buying it. New virtual reality arcades will provide a great way to experience it and see if you can tolerate it.

VR gaming can be and is a great gaming experience that offers a lot of benefits. Some have noted that if you can manage the first few hours and start off slowly you can adapt. VR gaming appears to be here to stay and is something all gamers should experience. It is truly an unforgettable experience and perhaps the future of gaming.