I’m getting tired of the disrespect for our President of the United States, Donald John Trump. He was not my choice for the nomination for the presidency either, but so what? He was the only obvious choice for the enormous task of the highest office in the nation. Hillary was much worse and should be charged for the alleged crimes committed for many years.

Seven good and respectable men fought hard for the nomination. Unfortunately, they sounded like politicians, Trump did not and still doesn’t. He is a businessman, not bowing to special interests.

We Deplorables, Hillary called us, are sick tired of the garbage the former president threw at us. Every day he pulled a new stunt and still is trying to bring the country into socialism which will be a big mistake for our free country. Trump didn’t have to run for office, but he has the money to do it. I sensed that he would run for that office on his own money, and I still think he did. He is indeed a powerful speaker and knows how to keep his audience, which is to be respected and is admirable.

Our election system is fair, and Trump won the presidency fair and square. He appealed to me personally as he is not a politician who can be been bought. From what I have seen and heard about any candidate, for any office, they must be backed by big money from whatever source.

It seems to me that whoever owns the candidate, so to speak, gets their needs fulfilled after being elected. Trump had his own money and does not bow to anyone. He is unique and smart with an outstanding family although he may be perfect.

The entire democratic party hates him after Hillary lost the election

It is well known that the entire corrupt Democratic Party hates him because Hillary lost the election.

Get over it! We put up with the master-liar for eight years. We know full well the Democrats are doing everything possible to impeach Trump. They don’t have any grounds at all, just resentment. Besides, Pence would then become President and he is a better man.

This man left a very rich lifestyle for an office that is very difficult.

I had heard being President of the United States is like drinking from a fire hose 24-hours per day. The Democrats in Congress can’t seem to stay awake that long, except for Pelosi who did it one time in her life - she talked for eight hours nonstop.

Donald Trump speaks his mind

Yes, Donald Trump speaks his mind and is a street fighter who is not afraid of anybody. He is fighting to make our country great again. That can’t be easy no matter how you look at it. Draining the swamp is dangerous because the swamp creatures don’t like it and they will fight. America faces several dangers that could destroy it thanks to the former president who looked the other way all the time, and probably it could be destroyed eventually.

All those bailouts, the apology tour and loving our enemies and hating our friends is not what God intended for this country. And that former president is making his new life career as fighting Trump to bring him down.

All the problems facing our country are complex, from the threat from North Korea to the Border Wall. Obama did nothing in eight years. We know full well Trump is not a superhero at all and is just a man doing the job a president does. He is working harder than most presidents ever have at any time. I am surprised at what he has accomplished in one year while Congress sat on their collective b*tts, pouting. It is disgusting to see the infighting in Congress. I sure wonder what happens when a new member, freshly elected to office doesn't get to do anything to change policy.

It is obvious Washington, D.C. is corrupt altogether.

I lived near the White House back in the early 70’s for about a year and found it a frightening place to live. Sirens were constant, I could barely sleep, prostitutes were everywhere. I hated the place. I never did see the inside of the White House, I never had the time to go. I met my wife as a missionary when I served as a missionary as well. There we walked and sat in the park near the White House. Washington, D. C. is a beautiful city in appearance but what happens to those politicians when they arrive?

The hard battle of President Trump

President Trump is working there now and has a hard battle facing him. He has reversed several bad policies that Obama put in place, and thank God he did.

Our Vice president Mike Pence is a gem and a good Christian man. But according to the View, they call him unstable. It is becoming obvious to me and many others, that Satan no longer has control over this country - aaw too bad! There is a prayer meeting held in the Oval Office, imagine that? And our president plans to say 'Merry Christmas' instead of 'Happy Holidays.' We finally have a Christian administration. No, He will not declare any denomination as dominant, according to the constitution, he can’t. Speaking of the constitution, Obama tried to destroy it by saying it is out of date. Satanic attacks are getting worse.

Satan’s attacking our country and Trump is fighting back

I can support the statement about Satan attacking our country and Trump fighting back.

Obama allowed all immigrants to come and then said he wasn’t. We have had numerous attacks on American citizens by those associated with ISIS. Trump wants to stop the flow of evil coming in, by allowing only those who will help the country and its citizens and not try to kill them.

Obama released prisoners who were known to be enemies of the state and they rejoined the enemy to fight again. Obama forced the country to take on health care that has failed miserably because it is not affordable. Trump is trying to change that and it is very difficult. Obama gave our money to our enemy just to be politically correct, an awful move. Obama met with the enemies of different nations to embrace them and to seemingly encourage attacks on America.

Trump must rebuild the mess Obama made. Obama and Hillary wanted socialism, there is nothing good about socialism. Socialism is total control of everything. The aim of socialism is to get total control of our lives, to destroy them. Trump had a battle with the Supreme Court, another corrupt organization.

We have turned away from God

We have turned our backs on God, blatantly. Now the atheists are gaining strength because of Obama, they want to remove in 'God We Trust' from everything. This is a Satanic attack. The country was founded on Gods word, George Washington was a Christian man.

Prayer was taken out of schools, and then we wonder why there are school shootings. I know from personal experience that the presence of Jesus Christ in my life is what keeps me going.

Don’t worry I’m not going to preach so don’t stop reading. I am just pointing out the reasons why this country has been falling apart and why a change of direction was needed in this country.

I am convinced that this ungodly crowd truly hates God. Hillary wanted to change our history and our practices to eliminate the strong feeling about abortion, worship itself, and more. The freedom from religion movement was rampant. Okay, this is a fact, religion is evil, but a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is vital and real, leaving us with more mental stability than anything else can or will.

The investigation of the Democrats is so out of line, that it is painful. They claim that Russia influenced the election of Trump, contrary to proof that this rumor is false.

It is well known that Putin can’t stand Hillary, but He did nothing of the kind, yet they continually hammer away at nothing. They must enjoy being stupid. So many Democrats call Trump's impeachment. On what grounds? they don’t produce anything. They want their evil ways to continue, even is half the country voted against it.

The controversy behind Trump's election even a year later is still unbelievable. Such crybabies, did you see the Republicans demonstrating and crying when Obama won the second term? We were not happy about it, of course not, one term was bad enough, but two terms of lies? Did you see Republican congressmen show disrespect toward Obama when at the State of the Union address compared to the absolute disrespect Nancy Pelosi showed during Trump's same speech, not long ago?

There has been great division since George W. Bush

It seems that since George W. Bush won the election through the Supreme Court vote, there has been great division. A large part of the problem are lovers of welfare. They don’t want to work, even though jobs are plentiful. They want to live off the government. The only benefit that should be given out is Social Security to seniors who earned it. I am a senior citizen, I earned it after 68 years in the workforce. I hate giving my money to those who can work but won’t.

Democrats demand their evil rights, pot smoking, legitimize prostitution, abortion, and more. They make money on these sordid things. I think the worse thing Obama did was to dismantle the Military.

I recall a senior officer in the US Navy in 1970, flatly telling me that if the country lets its guard down for only a few minutes it will be taken out. Our military has been dismantled. 9/11 took place and more attacks since. Well, guess who is trying to rebuild the military might in desperate times? - Donald J Trump! He pretty much wiped our ISIS, the greatest threat in years.

They existed because Obama ignored them. Why did he ignore them? Could it be because he is a Muslim himself and ISIS are Muslim by their own admission? I know that was nasty, but this what I see. The idea that welfare helps to keep the country healthy, according to certain Democrats, is a socialist idea. To call the new tax reform as an apocalyptic act seems crazy. Obviously, Democrats don’t like Americans keeping their money. They want to line their own pockets Democrats don’t want a free country- they want total control

Democrats don't want a free country

I really feel, from what is see and learn that Democrats don’t want a free county. Rather, they want to control our lives. America is not a democracy but rather a republic. Our forefathers fought hard for freedom from English rule. At the singing of the Declaration of Independence, Ben Franklin stated you have a republic if you can keep it.

It has been difficult to keep it for, since its founding, Japan attacked our island of Hawaii. We stopped the evils of the man from Germany. The new enemy is radical Islam, and in their own words, their aim is to kill all the infidels. This is not what Jesus taught at all. He taught for us to love others, even our enemies.

So, President Trump, in spite of what is going against you and your wonderful family, keep doing what you are doing. Obama made a mockery of the land I live in and President Trump is doing just the opposite. I pray him every day. I hear the critics. Pick on his faults for sure, but he is a good president. His wife and family are great people. Melania appears to be the most gracious first lady ever to occupy the White other than Laura Bush. Guess what Democrats? - he has God's protection on his life and that is unstoppable. This nation, as stated, is struggling against great evil inside and out. We will most likely implode before an enemy attacks us.

This gun control is ridiculous as well because guns don’t kill - people do. You can kill someone with a pen to the jugular, water drowns people, a log to the head can kill, drugs kill. What else do you want to ban? Guns scare me too, I don’t have any and I don’t want any. But I was taught that you don’t aim your gun at anything you don’t intend to kill. I agree background checks should take place, and I agree that felons should not get them. I also agree that certain type of guns should not be sold. I heard the comment years ago that an assault rifle could be used to hunt rabbits, but that's an overkill. Have you never heard of a shotgun?

In conclusion, I think that Donald Trump is the smartest president we have ever had and the hardest working one from day one.