More often than not, when people think about Spirituality they have already mentally tied it hand in hand with the general concept of religion. When asked if one is a Spiritual person people often hear, "do you believe in God?" instead. Particularly in the Bible Belt, people may even assume they are being asked whether or not they are a Christian.

Spiritual or Religious?

Some people never figure out that spirituality and religiosity are not synonymous. All human beings are spiritual beings, however, not all humans prescribe to any particular form of religion.

Tapping into the spiritual parts of yourself not only envokes a sense of serenity and security, but it can also be a source of empowerment as well.

What is spirituality?

As defined by Brené Brown, spirituality is the recognition of the intricate and ineludible connection between all humans, which originates from each individual's connection to a power greater than us. This connection brings the entire Human Race together as one and cultivates feelings of love and belonging. To engage with one's spirituality gives people a different, richer perspective on life and provides them with a deeper sense of purpose and a strong belief that their life has significance.

Spirituality can mean different things to different people. Simply put it is the belief in something bigger and more powerful than the human race, whether it be one or multiple gods, a divine universe, or an inherent goodness that exists in each and every one of us.

Having faith in or believing in something bigger than ourselves does not make one weak nor does it make one naive. On the contrary, it provides us with the strength and willpower to endure distressing situations, to feel connected to the world rather than feeling alone, to find comfort in the midst of hopelessness, and to tap into strength we may not even believe or realize we possess.

Connect to your spirituality

Explore what spirituality means to you and remain open-minded to the possibility that the beliefs you may firmly hold onto today could shift, evolve, or even completely change with the passing of time and modifications to the manner in which you see and orient yourself in the world. Don't fight to hold onto beliefs that no longer suit you and your worldview.

Accept change as the positive growth it is as it occurs. Regularly examine how your beliefs make you feel, how they make you think about and see others, and how they influence the manner in which you view life in general. Embrace and hold onto whatever truths bring you comfort, security, peace, strength, and joy.