The one thing that you have to say about Joe Biden is that he can be exciting on the stump. Between his series of epic gaffes and his recent suggestion that he would have beaten up Donald Trump had he heard him say what he said on the Access Hollywood tape in High School his prospective third attempt to become president in 2020, Biden would be fun to cover. However, Biden is taking an incredible risk for reasons that are obvious.

Why is Biden being belligerent?

Hot Air speculates that there is a method to Biden’s madness. Except for Bernie Sanders, the people Biden would have to run against for the honor of being the Democrat charged with toppling President Trump will be women.

Think Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts or Sen. Kamala Harris of California. The idea will be that to beat a belligerent white guy for the presidency one needs another belligerent white guy who will be a champion of women. Another woman will be just too risky. Think Hillary Clinton. However, Biden could find that his two-fisted rhetoric could backfire.

The problem with threatening the president of the United States

Let us leave aside the obvious rejoinder from one of the woman candidates. “We don’t need to you defend us. We can do that all by ourselves.” Fighting Joe Biden will be faced with another problem if he gets to the general election.

“Joe, would you beat up Bill Clinton for what he did?” Trump might ask at one of the presidential debates in 2020.

The former president has been accused of doing far worse things than Trump has ever admitted to or been charged for doing. Think Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones, and Kathleen Willey, among others. Trump merely boasted of boorish behavior. Clinton is alleged to have committed felonies against women. Why isn’t Biden offering to give him a proper stomping?

Come to think of it, several instances have happened of Biden himself getting handsy with the ladies. Note the video below of the former vice president’s greatest – er – hits.

On the other hand, President Trump, never a man to pass by an opportunity to be alarming on social media, has responded to Biden.

The bottom line is that the rhetoric for 2020 is going to make what was said in 2016 positively decorous if such a thing is possible.

With two grown men of a certain age threatening one another like a couple of teenage toughs, American voters are going to yearn for the days when politicians confined themselves to accusing their opponents of killing old people and starving poor children.