Most people use their phones continuously. In fact, according to a study, Smart Insights found that 80 percent of people use their smartphone to surf the web. They don’t have their laptops attached to their hips, but their phones, that’s a different story. While laptops, desktop computers and tablets are still popular, our phones are with us wherever we go. Therefore, when you need to check emails, the weather, or purchase something last minute, it will probably be through your phone. If you're designing a website, it's important to make sure that it's mobile-friendly.

Make it all in one column

Making everything in a single column layout is the best first impression. This means that your reader or customer just needs to scroll to receive content. Also, don’t make your viewers and potential customers have to zoom in to read your website. Take that extra step out of the equation and use larger font.

Make it easy to share

Have all the necessary (yes, it really is necessary) social media icons accessible. People want to be able to share your content on their phones. Have at least the Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest icons there so the reader can share away. This provides benefits for you and for the reader. Your content gets more exposure and the reader is more likely to return to your site.

Have contact buttons

Have an email or chat button so people will have easy access to reach you. They should never feel frustrated or confused with your Mobile Website. But if they are, make it even easier to contact you. A happy customer means more profit for you. I had a recent experience with Movie Pass and their apps' online chat helped solve the problem in less than five minutes.

While I was annoyed that there was a problem in the first place, I was happy with how easy it was to reach out to them and get a reply so fast.

Smartphones are becoming a necessity in everyone's life. Companies are making investments to continue the use of smartphones. With games and state-of-the-art cameras, phones are only growing in popularity.

The smartphone was a source of staying in touch with people through text and phone calls. Not anymore, there are so many other ways to be connected with friends though our smartphones. "Pokemon Go" is one example of how a game and augmented reality through our phones is used. Not every business needs an application, but they do need a mobile-friendly website in order to be successful.