The second Season Premiere of "Atlanta" was a big bang tonight! Very great start for the second season I must say! There were, however, two things that stuck out to me during the episode premiere that most may have missed. Let's take a look at the two highlights from "Atlanta" below.

It is robbing season

The title of the second season is "Robbin Season." What most of us have already realized, and know, is that the end of the summer is highly known as "robbin season." This is a seasonal time where you are more likely to be robbed. Between about July to January of the following year is where you see an increase in theft rates.

Unfortunately most of them often lead to bigger crimes like armed robberies and even innocent murders, like the ones shown at the beginning of the episode for "Atlanta."

No one truly knows why this time period is considered robbing season, but the societal pressures placed on everyone during this time of the year annually could be a major factor. The holiday months fall in between July and January annually, setting a tone of not seeing anything else but holiday based things. For example, ways you can get that one unique, and expensive, gift for the Christmas holiday. This being a high time for robberies could also be the fact that more people are out and about, which means more money is being spent during that time period as well.

The 'Florida Man' is real

This part of the show really had me stuck for a moment. I'm not sure if it was the part about a Florida man apparently beating a flamingo, or the part about a Florida man eating a man's face off. Now, the part about a Florida man eating another man's face is, in fact, true, and I remember it. This was during the time period where the drug bath salts were really hitting the scene heavy in the news.

You would hear all types of crazy stories, in which this was one of them. There was a report that came across my television screen about two years ago, about a college student who happened to be a Caucasian male, found naked, eating a man's face off after being on the drug bath salts. Talk about crazy.

When Darius mentioned a man in Florida beating a flamingo, this is where I figured this was a conspiracy theory, but this happened to be true as well.

There really was a man in Florida who was visiting the Busch Gardens amusement park in Tampa Bay, Florida. He ended up, for some reason, beating the flamingo to death in the park apparently for no reason.