In the summer of 2018, NBA Free Agency will begin, and some notable players stand out for some teams like Paul George, Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul, etc.

The biggest name in this year’s NBA Free Agency is LeBron James. Steph Curry last summer received the highest paying contract with five years & $200 million. LeBron could break that record if he goes to a team that is willing to pay him that much or if Cleveland decides to give him a max contract.

Where will LeBron James end up for the 2019 NBA season?

LeBron James has a big decision to make this upcoming summer in NBA Free Agency.

He has many factors that are at play for him, but I am sure he will make the best choice for him and his family. I would not be surprised if he stayed in Cleveland for the 2018-2019 NBA season because it is his hometown, he just got a brand new team off of the trade deadline, and I am positive he does not want to be bouncing around from team to team.

There are a few teams in the East that can catch his eye and get him another ring like the Philadelphia 76ers; he would be playing with his buddy Ben Simmons and trust the process with Joel Emiid making them the top of the East without a doubt.

Another great team for him to land to is the Toronto Raptors with the amazing back-court of DeMar DeRozan & Kyle Lowry.

Lastly, the other great spot for him to go to is the Miami Heat. He would go back to winning championships started with a young, tough, winning attitude group and with his best friend and best teammate Dwyane Wade. He would be Miami’s missing piece of the puzzle.

Could LeBron move out West?

LeBron James could be considering moving out to the West Coast and try to win some titles.

The Golden State Warriors, I am sure want to pick him up from Free Agency, but I think he would not go there because he is a competitor and if he goes there he will lose his competitive edge.

The San Antonio Spurs would be a great fit for him with Gregg Popovich as his head coach and their winning organization, but it would be very difficult because of their contracts so, the money would not be there for LeBron.

The only other team I see him ending up with is the Houston Rockets.

Houston has the best record in the league at the moment, and they have all-star guards James Harden and Chris Paul. LeBron going to Houston would just help them maybe… just maybe win a seven-game series against the Warriors. I still think if LeBron leaves the East to go to the West it would be a huge mistake because the East has been his for the last eight years. If he heads to the West, it would just make everything much more difficult to get to the NBA Finals.

All we can do is make our predictions until the final day comes off when he says where he is going to or if he is staying, but no matter what I think whatever team LeBron is on has a chance for an NBA title! It would be awesome for his legacy if he would stay in Cleveland for the rest of his career, but it is a business so, I am sure everyone would understand why he would leave.