Valentine's Day is the most wonderful time of the year. It is the holiday that women love the best. They get presents, dinner, and romance. How can you not love Valentine's Day?

Is Valentine's Day men's favorite holiday? I will let you decide for yourself. My opinion is no. It is an expensive holiday for them. They have to pay for dinner and presents. They have to be romantic, which is the one thing men are not good at. They may even have to take a woman dancing 0 another thing men are not good at. They have to get dressed up and may even miss their favorite show on T.V.

They may even miss the big game.

Valentine's Day is my favorite day

All women have to do on Valentine's Day is get dressed up and wait to be taken out to dinner and receive their present.

Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday. I love Cupid. I love the heart-shaped decorations. I love the Valentine's Day candies with the messages on them. You can be very creative with them. They are a lot of fun. They keep me entertained for hours. I have to admit I am easily entertained.

What is the origin of Valentine's Day? Where did it come from? There are many origins. Some say from people named Valentine being killed on February 14. Another says from the church and the worship of Pagan gods and celebrating fertility.

I will let you decide which one to believe.

It should be about love and romance

I like to believe it is about love and romance. It is about being together and enjoying each other. It is about knowing how lucky you are to have found each other. It is about cherishing your partner and not taking each other for granted. It is knowing you are still committed to each other.

It is knowing you have weathered tough times and stayed with each other.

I am sure being single on Valentine's Day is terrible, seeing all the couples in love and sharing intimate moments. It has to be very lonely. Hopefully, they have Friends And Family they can share the day of love with. I do not think I would like to be single.

Some days I think I would.

I think being divorced would be tough. You have the memories of how you use to spend the special day.

As long as you have awesome friends and family. I am sure anyone single or divorced can get through. If you are lucky enough to have children they can help you too. If they are good children and not bad, ungrateful ones. HA!

There are lots of good places to buy last-minute gifts, boys. You better hurry though as the day is getting closer and closer.

So here is to all you love birds out there. I hope you all have an awesome, terrific, and special Valentine's Day. I know I will.