The Pyongyang Winter Olympics got a little wang yesterday when a streaker took to the ice for the speed skating event, WatchLife on YouTube reports. It happened just after Dutch speed skater Njeld Nuis claimed the gold. Nuis, was in the middle of an interview when something else got the crowd's attention. This is kind of sad given this was likely the biggest moment of the Dutch speedsters life. Then again, it's hard to ignore a 250+ lbs almost completely naked man, in a pink tutu with the message, "peace + love," written on his bare chest at the Winter Olympics.

Mark Roberts, isn't your typical streaker. With 562 (and counting) naked skin jaunts to his tally, he's like the Lionel Messi of streaking.

What's the secret to Roberts’ success? That's a little hard to pin down, but I would venture to guess a lack of success in any other life endeavor, a complete absence of any kind of body complex, and above all, a whole lot of professionalism. Wait a minute, what?

Mark Roberts, true professional

“I can’t do it during the game," Roberts said in an interview with Yahoo Sports. “It has to be before the game is in play. I don’t want to interrupt the game … I’m a professional.”

Yet, this wasn't about professionalism, this was about something more; this was about “Peace+Love.” The very words were written across his bear-like chest as he glided across the smooth Olympic ice where legends are made.

Yes, this is all a little confusing, but this perplexing man did offer an explanation on his website.

Mark’s mission this time was to promote an international spirit of togetherness. The long-haired dreaming Liverpudlian father-of-three wants to ask the world to be a little better. Thank you, Markyboy, you tutu-wearing streaker.

May we carry the spirit of the Olympics with us always, together with a bit of British stiff-upper-lippedness.

There you have it, his streaking doesn't come from a deep-seated need for attention that was never given to him as a child, it comes from a sincere urge to make the world better place for everyone.

He claims to have been paid a lot of money

That's not to say that Mark Roberts is above a little good old capitalism. He's claimed to have been paid as much as $1 million for his debaucherous penile displays. It's an outrageous amount given that he hasn't experienced any significant jail time for something that he's done hundreds of times. Perhaps this can bring fresh vocational options for a generation of college educated millennials who are looking for something to do.

I wouldn't go as far as to call Mark Robinson a hero, but he's my hero