Welcome to a new edition of "For The Record." Detour Records’ UK-born band The Electric Stars are quite simply your rockin’ reviewer’s new fave music act. For those readers not yet in the know, The Electric Stars’ current roster includes Andy Bee (guitar and music collaborator), Jason Edge (lead vocals and songwriter), Johnny French(?) (drums), and Keef Whitehead (bass). They strive to absorb elements of all the best music and produce music that is both familiar and retro and yet new and original.

'Sunshine' / 'This Is The End'

The mod, rock group’s most recent release is a sample offering of their upcoming LP tentatively titled “Velvet Elvis.” The disc contains two cuts: “Sunshine” and “This Is The End.” “Sunshine” is a bright, flashback-inducing fresh song with hippy-like lyrics.

The song serves as a great intro to their upcoming album and would work well in any motion picture soundtrack. It features Jamie Whitehead on additional backing vocals. Their signature sound--inspired by classic the Rolling Stones, The Kinks, The Who and The Beatles--is immediately apparent.

'This Is The End'

“This Is The End” provides an interesting contrast. Recorded by Bee, it is a quieter keyboard-based slow ballad that immediately demonstrates the band’s versatility. This single is a follow up to their previous single 2016’s “The Only Lover Left Alive” which also includes the track “Loaded With Regrets.’ These are also songs slated for the upcoming release. Again, these tunes prove that The Electric Stars know how to walk the fine line between respecting their rock and roll elders via their inspired and inspiring music and being little more than a nostalgia-heavy musical act cranking out derivative ditties.

'Belfast Boy'

Prior to the above mentioned single, The Electric Stars revealed their more giving side. In 2014, the band recorded and release a charity single. It was titled “Belfast Boy.” The CD also included the song “Georgie (The Brightest Star)” and proceeds were donated to The George Best Foundation and The Manchester United Foundation.

At the time of the recording, the band roster included two others listed only as Mick and Ethan. The titular track while focused on a more local subject still has the crucial elements of what was becoming the band’s signature sound despite the writing being credited to “Carlton/Harris/Smith.” “Georgie (The Brightest Star)” written by Edge and the band, is even more on point complete with the welcome retro ingredients of iconic eras past.

It’s highlighted by John Ellis on piano.

Slight changes in the lineup are both expected and unimportant. After all, the group was launched several years ago in 2011. The important thing is that the act has thus far remained true to their mission: create original rock music that inspires others.

Signed to Detour Records in February of 2012, they have continued to be both “a happening” from a bygone era and a band that is happening now, today, in the 21st Century. They work hard to tunefully tip their hats to a specific time and sound and yet drive on into the future.

So check out all The Electric Stars new music. Get out of your box. Enjoy the 'Sunshine'