If you haven’t heard the cheering and revelry, the longest-serving Senate Republican in U.S. history announced he is finally stepping down. Yes, it is true, Orin Hatch recently revealed that he would not seek re-election this year, (cheering resumes). Considering he has occupied that seat for 41 years, it is well past time for Orin to say goodbye to Washington. And at the ripe age of 83, it is possible that Mr. Hatch has better ideas of how to occupy his time rather than play footsie with donors and duck, duck goose with his cohorts.

Term limit turnover

I know some experts warn against the idea of term limits and how they could cause such disruption and turmoil on Capitol Hill. My response to that assumption is “bring it on.” I mean seriously, how could the ruckus in Washington get any worse? There is such a level of chaos is it any wonder how anything gets accomplished? Oh wait, our elected officials do not seem to get much done. Point made. Maybe term limits would shuffle the mix often enough that our representatives would not have the opportunity to get comfy with their lobbying buddies or in their plush leather seats.

Lesser of two evils

As a Democrat who has witnessed such ridiculous governing over this last year, the idea of Orin Hatch not running for re-election makes my day.

And reports suggesting Mitt Romney is all but a shoe-in for Mr. Hatch’s replacement does not completely disappoint me. I am hopeful that because Mitt has shown a spine and stood up to Donald Trump in the past that his discord and discontent will keep a few of those on Capitol Hill in check. When our elected officials genuinely stand up for us, the little guy, and not themselves, or fellow fat pocketbooks our entire governing process will become practical and productive.

Mitt and the mayhem

I am positive that Mitt knows what he would be walking into if he wins the midterm election. It is hard to plead naiveté or ignore the pandemonium that has gripped Washington and our nation. Is it possible that Romney could single-handedly start the shake-up that is so desperately needed to steer this country in the right direction?

I hope that if reelected Mitt will jump right in and ruffle plenty of feathers, including that of Donald Trump.

Happiness on the hill

It is quite possible that if a few more Senators retire, younger, (hopefully) less-influenced representatives can right this ship. Take our government back from big corporations and larger egos and give it back to the people of the United States, where it truly belongs. Once this mobocracy is dismantled, maybe elected officials will return true democracy to this nation. Please keep this in mind, Mr. Romney, if elected to that vacant Senate seat, no more kowtowing, no more foolishness, simply stand up, shuffle the system and serve.