In writing, as in many other jobs, talent is only one percent. The other 99 percent is hard work. So, if you like to make up stories and travel in your mind to dream worlds, then nothing and no one can prevent you from achieving your goals.

What are you most afraid?

Do you love writing but avoid doing that because you don't always have the inspiration? Do you think that the writers have, in some magical way, countless good writing ideas all the time during their lives? Do you believe that you, compared to somebody else, lack the writing talent, and are you discouraged?

If the answers to these questions are yes, then I will prove you that none of the above are true. The only thing you have to do is to grab a pencil and a piece of paper, sit somewhere quiet and comfortable, devote some time to what you love so much, and enjoy the whole process.

Are some people more creative than others?

No, there aren’t people that are more creative than others. There are people that work harder and several sources from which they draw writing ideas every single day.

What is a short story and how long is it?

A short story is a literary text, where the number of words (literary texts are never counted as pages) ranges from 100 (and fewer) to 20,000 words (at most).

How can I calculate my short story's word count?

Most text editors, even those that are pre-installed on your computer, have a word counter.

However, there are also several websites where you can paste your text and they will show you the number of the words, and even the total characters you used.

Exercise first

It’s time to write your own myth! It’s time to forget the scientific explanation of why the sky is blue and write your version. So, go back in the past and, through your story, give a new explanation for the following:

  • Was the sky always blue?
  • Did it ever change color, and why?
  • What color did it have?
  • Is somebody responsible for this change, and who?
  • Which other changes were then made?
  • Who or what influenced the new order of things, and how?

There is nothing you can't achieve in life.

For that reason, if you really want to write a beautiful story, and you want t share it with your readers, you have nothing to do but write it! The secret of success is to keep reading and writing every single day, keep thinking positive, smile and work hard.

Stay tuned for my next article, which will have more writing advice and a new creative writing exercise.

Good luck to all of you!