President Donald Trump appears to be out of favor with Britain and there are rumors that he might not find a place on the guest list of the upcoming marriage between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Observers take this as a snub and he is believed to be sensitive to such treatment. He has canceled a planned visit to Britain to cut the ribbon on the new US embassy in London. His choice of words and reaction to situations continue to create invisible barriers that embarrass his followers and well-wishers.

According to Daily Mail UK, London mayor Sadiq Khan feels that Trump made the decision to cancel the visit after realizing that his presence could lead to tension.

The message of Londoners was clear. Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn supported the mayor but Boris Johnson felt otherwise. In his opinion, such a stance could jeopardize the relationship between Britain and America.

When will Trump come to Britain?

Readers may recall that Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May had met Donald Trump in the White House soon after he took the oath of office. At that time, she had extended an invitation of a state visit to him which he accepted but, even after a year, the date has not been finalized. The relationship appears to be strained, and Downing Street wants to play it safe. It admits that a good US-UK relationship will benefit the country.

Sources of the Royal Household have clarified that the marriage between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle was not a state occasion.

It is expected to be a low-key, family affair compared to the wedding between Harry’s parents or that of his brother, Prince William. Hence, marriage invitations will go out to only those who are close to the family.

It is a sensitive issue

Prince Harry, a trained helicopter pilot who saw action in Afghanistan. He is close to the former president, Barack Obama, and counts him as a personal friend.

Harry had interviewed him on a Radio 4 program recently, and they were seen together in, September of 2017, at the Invictus Games in Toronto. Moreover, Meghan Markle is an American citizen and an actress who has a long association with Canada. So, it is quite possible that Barrack Obama might be present on the big day to bless the couple's union.

Incidentally, the absence of Donald Trump should not raise eyebrows. There have been a number of earlier instances where US presidents have not attended royal weddings of those lower down on the succession list.