Beyond death, nothing. That seems to be the secular conclusion. Even the religious convictions about heavenly salvation and reincarnation seem a bit frayed these days. As we look at the issue, we must conclude that there may be nothing harder to reconcile than life and death.

But Triadic Philosophy suggests that all binaries are ultimately false. It does not say there is no death, but it says that there may be a continuity between who we are on this planet and who we are beyond it.

What if?

What if we have been meant all along to regard life on earth as the crown of existence?

Our world is not a waystation on the way to heaven. What if life is not meant to be trial and tribulation? What if the world is intended to be a showplace for creation itself, the end of evolution? We would then be closer to the beginning.

Were that the case, life would come down to how well we do things here. Sure. we might look about the cosmos. But we would not reject the needs of our planet home.

We would see life as achieving good in the here and now. Living decently would be the paramount goal of life.

Triadic world

Such a world is only possible when we shelve the Binary posturing we have engaged in since the beginning of recorded time. It would look askance at the brutality and exploitative power.

It would not be a world where men could use their strength to demean women and terrorize girls.

Triadic philosophy is simply a way of living that places ethics and aesthetics on the radar of each conscious individual. With these in place, reality itself can move more rapidly in the direction it is intended to go.


If we are to have any philosophy at all, it would be a creative and universal sharing of values.

The values would be tolerance, helpfulness, and democracy. The root value would be hallowing honest scientific method and making an idol of nothing.

We would abolish the false binary between individual and universal. It is in the context of a growing sense of consciousness that thoughts of transcending life as we have known it can take root.

When one is conscious and does not look negatively on contact with goodness itself, whatever form it may take, the prospects for experiencing transcendence are multiplied.


We might even recognize that population only explodes where poverty makes infant mortality common. We would see some form of basic income as the best means of moving toward a better life for all. We would move forthrightly to nonviolence as a global policy.

These are not pipe dreams. They underlie all of the uncertainty in which we now live.