Let us have a serious discussion about how the American Financial System works against recovery for citizens in poverty, or who have made mistakes with no grace for recovery. Banks, loan companies, car dealerships, credit agencies, rental properties, mortgage companies, credit card companies, and government all work together to punish the poor and those who have made bad choices at some point in their lives.

American citizens are trapped from recovery

Are you an American citizen suffering in poverty due to bad choices, health problems, bigotry, and the like?

Have you fought to recover but only find yourself climbing a never endless ladder? Do you feel you have been punished for life by the American financial system? You are not alone.

If you've ever tried to clean up your credit, you have probably discovered that the capitalistic financial system makes it very difficult to do so. A number of factors can put you in this predicament in America and it is a big flaw of the United States of America. Your credit is monitored and given a score that be can very difficult to recover from. Yes, there are routes to restart, but once you choose them, you are putting yourself into the hands of financial institutions to decide your worthiness.

Banks now charge outrageous fees for one mistake.

There is no gradient to their punishments, and they continue to line their pockets off the poor and many on disability. Many Americans, and vastly the elderly, make mistakes in planning their monthly charges. Many Americans try to live with one payment a month, and they make mistakes. A bank will now charge upwards of $39 for a mistake that may have set your account off by as little as a penny which causes a return transaction that then increases the banks' net worth.

Then, while you are in the minus, you may have a monthly charge come through without time to stop it, and you get charged both a bounced fee and an overdraft fee. Next thing you know you are a $100 in the hole. Yet, you might not get paid for another month, and then the charges build up until a chunk of your next check is gone and you spiral into debt and further poverty.

Does this sound familiar?

Maybe your vehicle breaks down and you don't have the straight up cash to fix it. You decide to try and get a new vehicle, but those pesky credit bureaus have made it impossible because of your mistakes or health causing you to slip into poverty. Let's not forget the banks pushing you that way as well. Now, add in a factor that you live in a big city, and almost every rental property does a credit check with a specific requirement. You can't pass that, so you can't find a home.

Now, you are looking for government help from the financial system through the welfare, social security, disability, and Medicare you paid for during your working days, set up to help the needy and those in poverty.

You go into qualify and find out that you don't have the right paperwork or identification, you didn't fill out the form right, you don't qualify because of a prior legal mistake or history. Maybe your state tests now for drugs and it includes the medical marijuana you are using to survive mental or physical problems. Guess what? The American Financial system considers you the problem!

Poverty is entrenched and difficult to recover from in America

Taking a look at the battles that the above conditions can create for the poor and unhealthy, we can start with our credit reports. The financial system wants everyone to know that they should not approve you for any kind of money based on your credit score.

I understand the importance of this for the economy. It keeps it from failing in some ways. However, it also hurts the economy, because eventually many people learn their lessons, change their ways, or are able to work again or have to work because the help they get isn't enough to take care of their family, but the challenge of cleaning up your credit remains and your low scores make it difficult to recover. For example, you might need a car to get a job depending on where you live. However, go and try to get a car, and it's not going to happen. One of the many catch-22s you end up in when you are poor and needy.

Need a bank account, and owe an old bank as little as $25 for an old fee? You won't be offered an account.

Not having a bank account cuts you off from much of the financial system. You could even get a Masters degree in America, fall behind on payments, and then try to get a job with anyone who checks your credit record and forget that job. Need to feed your family? Sure, SNAP, food stamps only go so far. You'll need to come up with another 100 to 200 a month out of your limited income to feed your family because food prices continue to rise and rise lining the pockets of grocers nationwide.

Escape your financial burdens for the future

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Our government has created a financial atmosphere that enforces the poor to stay poor and the rich to get richer. This is your chance to save your future.

Eliminate the financial system from your life, and get into the future. No more banks stealing your money with outrageous fees forcing you further into debt. Escape the financial system in America that is set up to make the rich richer, and discover the true American dream through cryptocurrencies.