In the aftermath of Oprah’s overly hyped and ineffectual Golden Globes speech, conservative pundits were quick to lash out with a myriad of reasons why she could never be president. Mind you, Oprah never said she wanted to be president, the idea was born from a quickly deleted tweet sent out by NBC. A tweet they have since apologized for and, rightfully, call unprofessional.

Conservative bloggers, Facebook pages, tweets, and just about every other type of communication soon flooded the internet with pictures of Oprah kissing Harvey Weinstein on the cheek, Oprah smiling lovingly at him, and Oprah snuggling up to him as she smiled for the photograph.

There are probably many more photos of her with Weinstein and with other actors who are caught up in the fake Hollywood #metoo outrage.

The implication, of course, is that Oprah is a hypocrite. Today, she speaks out against a man who she, at one time, valued. At least, as a powerful professional associate. At most, he was a friend. I’m going to go with the latter because most people have never kissed, laid their head on the shoulder of, or affectionately rubbed shoulders with a professional associate. She was friends with Weinstein and she clearly valued the relationship.

Of course, Oprah will deny she knew of his activity to distance herself from a man who is the most reviled person in Hollywood, for now.

She has to in order to preserve her own career.

Despite this hypocrisy, despite the photos, and the videos and anything else...Oprah could still be elected president in 2020.

People create their own definition of the truth

How? Because people will believe what they want to believe. The proof is already in the White House.

Prior to the election of 2016, there was plenty of evidence that President Trump was not a conservative.

  • He was a close friend of the Clintons. He has been photographed with them at benefits and political fundraisers.
  • He was a long time registered Democrat, joined the Reform Party, and then became independent. He only registered as a Republican in 2009.
  • He supported universal health care and expressed admiration of the Canadian healthcare model. Very un-Republican.

Despite this, he received overwhelming support from conservatives and the Republican party.

Despite accusations of misogyny, Trump and Bill Clinton received strong support from women

President Trump has hardly led a life aligned with Christian values. President Trump is on his third wife, has bragged of seducing the wives of colleagues, and made a recorded statement about grabbing women’s genitals. Just what every father with a daughter would love to hear from his future son-in-law.

He still received majority support from conservative women during the election.

Another famed womanizer, President Clinton, also received strong female support during his two terms. Despite allegations of sexual assault and admitting to extra-marital sex in the oval office.

Regardless of proof, people will believe what they want to believe.

So, sorry conservatives, you can produce as many pictures and videos as you want, but people would and could still vote Oprah into office. You proved it with President Trump, and Democrats proved it with President Clinton.