As a public service I think it is necessary to say what trump has done and flag the Words he has barred from use. Trump is high on the Second Amendment which gives sparing permission to states to maintain militias. He seems illiterate on the First Amendment which protects Americans from any violation of the freedom of speech.

Censoring these words is very bad. It should end Trump's presidency. You do not do that.

Beyond 1984

What makes this ever more onerous and dastardly is the actual words Trump banishes. He outdoes Orwell and reveals his own limitations in graphic terms.

Vulnerable is applicable to all of us.

We are not vulnerable to dictatorship. We do not like it. We fought against it. We will not accept it here.

Then there is entitlement which is almost funny. Trump is staking a last hurrah on a bill that is laden with tax entitlements — the tag end of them for us, the bulk for the very wealthy. The bill is a travesty but would benefit Trump should he escape jail.

Hold your jaw

Be careful. The next word is a corker. It is the keyword for what the planet and life are all about. It is what all life thrives on. But apparently, Trump is deathly afraid of it. He is also petrified by mosquitos and lately by the mention of Mike Flynn. So scratch diversity.


Entitlement. Diversity. Now comes a word about reality that Trump wishes to banish. It is the word transgender.

Now transgender should be a badge of honor. Many deep thinkers have reflected on the probability that we are all transgender, or at least ought to be. But then again Trump appears to be dependent on there being an identifiable gender that he describes with locker room language.

This is pathetic.

Is there more?

I am running out of space. How about the next word? It's fetus.

Now Trump might tell us he was never a fetus and compare himself to some god who required no messy copulation or ravenous overpowering to be launched. So fetus is out. What's next?

Evidenced-based. Now I rarely laugh out loud. But I just did.

It was involuntary. It just burst forth.

I am OK now. You can see where Trump is going with this. If I had so many potential crimes dogging me, I would stay as far from evidence as I could. Evidence is the bane of guilty presidents.

I can just squeeze in the last banished term. It's a winner. It will make all dictators happy. It will warm those whose hearts are wed to fossil fuels. It will take science down a few pegs. After all, it has been a hard few centuries for the Franklin Grahams of the world. Science-based is officially banished.

Not merely at one agency but at several that deal with health. Get ready to see my story banished as false news. When the ICE man comes, I will say I love Donald.