Well, here I go. This is the real me. My real name is Garry Temchuk and most people know me by just that. Some people know me as Garry Anthony. Garry Temchuk is the guy who grew up in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. It is a mining town in the bitter north and I spent the majority of my first 35 years there. I moved to the mild Southern Ontario city of Niagara Falls.

This is the real me

As Garry Temchuk, I was a manager at a financial institution, a manager at a car dealership, and a dealer at a few casinos. I coached hockey and baseball. I was a Big Brother to 3 young men.

I worked at homeless shelters, soup kitchens, and food banks. I have also volunteered for several major charities like the Canadian Cancer Society.

And here we go again. This is the other me

I have also gone by the name of Garry Anthony. Garry Anthony is the guy who got up on stage for my stand-up comedy persona. I also wrote a lot of comedy material that I didn't use. When I was on the road with some very funny people, I would write jokes that were more their style than mine. I would just give them the material in an age where everybody was looking to make a buck off of each other. I was just happy that my stuff was making people laugh even if it wasn't me on stage. Other comedians thought I was odd that I would stand on the side and listen to someone else get the laughs.

The biggest name I shared a stage with was James Carrey; he shortened it to Jim Carrey later.

So now that you know the both of me, let me introduce myself

So why am I so angry? I am a 55-year-old man who has had his fair share of medical issues, three that can be considered life-threatening, none of which I will bore you with.

We have all had medical issues at some point in our lives and if you haven't good for you; I hate your guts! Of course, I am kidding; I am just jealous.

So, once I came through all of these medical issues at the age of 48, I fell into a deep depression and that is where the anger started to manifest. I think I have always been an angry person and I think I have always been depressed.

I feel very comfortable talking about my depression and that doesn't mean I have it under control; it means I can talk to people about it without either crying or snapping their neck. But this Column is not about depression.

So what is the Angry Bulldog Column about? Well, there are times where I just need to vent and it may not be about what's in the news or about my personal issues, so this column will help me release my frustration. Will I talk about Trump and my depression? Of course I will. But this is going to be so much more. This is going to have the bark of a bulldog and the humor of, well, a bulldog! Trust me, they're funny.

If you are looking for politeness, don't expect politically correct views here.

I may not always say what you want to hear. I will not be told that I can or can't say something because I might offend someone. It is very possible that at some point, I will offend everyone. Some may be just shocked and others will hopefully go, "It's about time someone said that!" Having done stand-up comedy in the past, I can tell you there are two reactions that a comedian craves. A comedian wants to either hear laughter or "OMG, I can't believe he just said that!" I have always craved the second one more than the first.

So this is the new column I have created and I hope you will like it and follow it! I look forward to making a funny and informed contribution.