Mom. Dad. Sister. Grandma. “One Gotta Go.” Who goes?

"One Gotta Go" has been played on the internet for almost five years at this point, and it never gets easier. Whenever it pops up on my feed, I can never decide which choice to get rid of at first or second glance. Granted, I like a lot of stuff, but it's not just me who struggles to sacrifice one amazing thing for three other amazing things hypothetically. The game is designed to put you in an insoluble dilemma. NOT ANYMORE! There's a way to choose without pondering forever.

It doesn't have to be complicated

The rule of the game is simple. Choose the one out of the four choices that you think you'll be fine with being erased forever. However, the choices are all great all the time, so after much deliberation, we tend to make it less about which one we want to go and more about what three we want to stay. News flash: Same difference! We run in circles until we pick one that we think would be universally recognized as the right answer or simply give up and thank the heavens that it’s only hypothetical. To save yourself from being torn, just go with the choice that fits the criteria the least. Mom, sister, and grandma are all alike in that they’re female. Sorry, Dad.

You’re out! Some might say grandma because of age, that’s cool. The right answer is the one you don’t stress over. It’s just a game.

Get the odd one out

Ease inner conflict by pointing out which one doesn’t belong. Chicken wings. Tacos. Burgers. Pizza. All delicious. Chicken wings are the only choice that’s not a concoction of tasty ingredients, it’s just an animal body part.

Sorry, wings. You’re delicious but you “gotta go.” I didn’t have to fight myself, I feel great! Michael Jackson. Madonna. Prince. Beyoncé. Which one can’t hold a candle to the rest of these performance-wise? You guessed it. I love you, Madonna. My sincerest apologies. “You gotta go.” The Lord of the Rings. Back to the Future.

The Matrix. Harry Potter. Which series has to go? “One gotta go.” Hey, Mr. Potter! You got like 100 movies, bro. The rest of these are trilogies. You don’t belong here, sorry! It’s pretty simple. Not once did I stop to think which ones I can’t live without. It doesn’t matter. We can enjoy all of these right now, why beat yourself up over it?

Next time you’re on your timeline or sitting around with people and someone brings up this notional game with four choices you adore, don’t think too hard about it. Try applying this tip to keep from getting into a heated debate that goes nowhere and can cause tempers to flare, possibly ending in fisticuffs. Avoid having your biases crushed by someone else’s disapproval and just answer with what makes the most sense with a logical explanation.

Oh wait…that’s not fun.